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There are sixteen countries on Pangaea Futura. All of them are supercountries. They were all created by the end of twenty-seventh century. Here is the list of landbridges and other artificially created landmasses.

List of countries[]

Primary countries[]

Members of the League[]

  • Reunited States of America and Cristophoria (red)
  • Kingdom of Australonesia (dark blue)
  • Principality of Bermuda and Caribbia (orange)
  • Chieftainship of Canadia and Lakhota Tribes (blue-green)
  • Germanian Empire (blue)
  • Royal Republic of Indochina (turquoise)
  • Latinian Empire (dark red)
  • Kingdom of South Africa and Madagascar (green)

Members of the Party[]

  • Sultanship of Arabian Nations (khaki)
  • United Tribes of the Aztecs, the Mayas and the Incas (purple, in South America)
  • Pharaohship of Egypt (yellow)
  • Kingdom of Nubia and Other North African Tribes (purple, in Africa)
  • Republic of Siberia and Japan (purple, in Asia)
  • Republic of Slavenia (light green)

Secondary countries[]

  • Neutralia (grey, in Antarctica)
  • Facility of the Thurc Island (grey, in Atlantic Ocean)

List of artificial landmasses[]

List of landbridges[]

List of other artificial landmasses[]