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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Creae Darta[]

Creae darta translates into "create dart" but with a velocity - basically the equivalent of firing a bullet. High accuracy, rapid casting, and lethality are all key aspects of this spell. There's no "fireworks" of any kind going into this spell; it's just the creation of the dart out of somewhere and with high velocity.

Qura stumbles upon this when she is practicing with using her Weird for the first time (a device much like, but much more complicated than, a wand). Having heard of this spell at a previous time, she decides to try using it - however, she is unfamiliar with the device and ends up pointing it the wrong way, effectively shooting herself in the palm. Because Loricae does not protect from one's own spells, her protection does not kick in. Only because Altair is in the adjacent room and hears the report does he come in time to save her. This event basically serves as the story's signature example of the need to be careful using something you don't understand.

Creae Darta Aetha[]

Creae darta aetha translates to "create aether dart". It is similar to creae darta, except that these are pellets of anmaterial anchored to air (called aether, and when it hits an object the momentum in the anmaterial side forcefully pushes the air into the object. If the targets are people, they are literally shot at and maimed by pellets of air – air with the impact power of stone. They are invisible and immaterial, but since they have both material and anmaterial aspects anchored together, they can be blocked with either nonanchored aether barriers, or by plain physical obstacles.