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City of Creburg
Ville de Crèbourg
Ciudad de Creburgo

Stougarth, Crebourg
Stougarth Arrondissement

Crèbourg Flag Crebourg Coat of Arms
FlagCoat of Arms
Motto: "Ubi concordia, ibi victoria"
English: "Where is the unity, there is the victory."

Crebourg Location
Location within Heigard
Country Flag of Heigard Heigard
Region Région Central
Departament Heigard (Departament)
Subdivisions 5 arrondissements
 - Mayor Christine Moussier
 - Total 1,148.71 km² (443.519 sq mi)
Elevation 35m (115 ft)
Population (2006)
 - City 2,038,921
 - Density 1775/km² (4597.1/sq mi)
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Crèbourg, Crebourg or Creburg (Spanish: Creburgo) is the capital of Heigard and the country's largest and most populous city (incluiding the 5 arrondissements), with over 2 million residents in 1,148 km, while the population of its urban area is estimated by Eurostat to be 2.9 millions. The Metropolitan area of Heigard is estimated to have 3.2 million inhabitants. It is situated on the river Benoir, in northern Heigard, at the west part of the Région Central (Heigard (departament)).

Since its foundation in the late 10th century it has been an important place for commerce between other European countries, because the main ports and other settlements had roads connecting them to the city, and because it was connected via the Benoir river with other towns along the coast of it.

Crebourg is Heigard's capital for politics, economy and media, as it holds the headquarters of many national and international companies. And because of the milenary commercial traffic that has flowed in the city, Crebourg is rich in art and culture.


Robert II of France

Robert II of France founded what would become Creburg c. 999

The former name of the city, Cret, derives directly from Latin Cretum, which literally means "to grow", given by Romans in the 4th Century to a village that was growing because of increasing commerce between the north and eastern coast of Heigard. Such village was built in the surroundings of a church in honor of Apostle Saint Andrew in an island in the middle of the river Benoir. The official founding is situated in 999 when King Robert II of France transferred the relics of Saint John of Ceroulere to the Cret chapel.

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