Cryseria, a land of peace. A place where violence is tamed, and the dangerous and vile creatures ignore. Full of resources and crops, the people that lived there were able to study about herbs and ways to make peace, but what they didn't count on was the other countries that were looking for land to conquer. Realising the danger, they tried to protect themselves, yet there were not able to hold off the many soldiers and machines that tried to run them down. Few month later, the armies retreated, so they had to start all over again. In that time, Loki, the leader of today, took charge to put their country back togeather again. He named their country Cryseria, after his wife, and started to have some men travel to make alliances with other countries, to gain protection. This is the start of Cryseria.


One day, one of Loki's men returned, and he reported that the New Lyon wanted 50% of his wine and 30% of his sugar canes for the cost of their alliance, and for the sake of his people, he agreed to this condition, and sent his message back to New Lyon.

After the next few months, another man returned from his journeys from the land of the New Japanese Empire. After receiving the message, Loki immediately agreed and sent the man back with a gift, for a token of thanks.

The Republic of South-East Asia was quickly to follow in suit to make an alliance with Loki too.

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