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Cuo Flag
Cuopiou Riagen
Official Languages of the republic Cuopioan
Official Languages of provinces Cuopioan, Vorsalan, Ristbodish
Capital Maseriz
Government Constitutional republic
President Petera Paruzze (as of 2006)
Prime Minister Baga Ljebeze (as of 2006)
Area 311,734 km²
Independence June 10th, 1781 (revolution)
Currency Cuopioan samre

The republic of Cuopio is a country in Savonia.


The topography of Cuopio varies from great plains of Bedahas to Mount Pudomo, which goes up to 2676 m over main sea level.

Temperatures on coast are January ~0 and July ~+18 Celsius.


  • 1. Dovikit
  • 2. Jenai
  • 3. Ristemen
  • 4. Cordor
  • 5. Poikopi
  • 6. Hirulan
  • 7. Lambere
  • 8. Caeslad
  • 9. Riddok
  • 10. Gorimar
  • 11. Bedahas
  • 12. Hildemar
  • 13. Pelaso
  • 14. Sokkal

There is also an autonomous region: Vorsala

Official languages of the provinces[]

Vorsalan: Cordor, Poikopi

Ristbodish: Ristemen

Cuopioan: all provinces


See also: Cuopioan parliamentary elections, 2006

The legislative body of Cuopio is an unicameral parliament, Eskonan. (4. decl: un Eskona)

Current facts:

  • President (Esjistvas) - Petera Paruzze
  • Deputy President (Kivit Esjistvas) - Jaeka Polgieze

Some people from the cabinet (outgoing before October -06):

  • Minister of Culture (Koltaerminstras) - Beka Vaezkanes
  • Minister of Environment (Ontarmeminstris) - Laei Pagukze
  • Minister of Social Affairs and Health (Kanzka- a Delkosminstras) - Tuome Merelaze
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs (Goltgirtivuminstris) - Triti Kreraze


A kingdom named Tabsalam was created in 1680 Peace of Kutuddif. It consisted of Pudomo Peninsula and parts of western coast of the Kalla Sea.

The kingdom was a rival of the Kingdom of Turu Vori, and the competition led to several wars between them. Finally, in 1781, the laymen of both countries rebelled and united both nations under one king.

The current form of government, republic, was instituted in 1933. The republic grew remarkably larger in 2004, when Vemeiro united with it, but a year later a referendum was held, which ended the union. Now Vemeiro, Cuopio and Ardenjost still form an international union, both economical and military.

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