'Many have tried to defy us. They have all failed, for our army is the greatest in the galaxy. They have failed because of our incredible power. No one can stand in our way!'

- Terine Siatep, Curodian general and politician

The Curodian are the most powerful species in the Dendrius galaxy. They have technology thousands of years beyond any other species and they also have the largest empire in the galaxy (see Curodian Empire). This is excluding the possibly mythical Time Paladins. The species possess incredibly high levels of intelligence. They are native to the planet of Curodia.


Curodian are humanoid. All are reasonably tall. All of their senses are average except their sense of smell which is poor. They also have no natural weapons, but this is made up for by having such large brains, 70% of which is used.


The average Curodian is arrogant, unkind and selfish. They care only for themselves and personal profit, and will only work with others if there is a guarantee of success and a modest reward. They trust no one else and in most cases would happily turn in their 'friends' for a price.

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