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Daiska is the largest continent on the planet Artena. The shape of the continent is similar to that of an egg-timer, with a slightly larger apex.


Before the war of Ivory[]

Ancient- Up to 1500 BWI[]

The first known humans on the continent were thought to have been nomads, endlessly wandering the vast expanses of what is now the Ivory Kingdom and the Independent State of Droom. However, at about 3500 BWI, Tribes began settling down, most notably in what is now Nomia. Soon Nations began to take shape as tribes grew and pushed into the far reaches of the continent. However, they were still divided and there were constant squabbles over territory so no exact borders were fixed.

Secondary- 1500-800 BWI[]

By about 1500 BWI Small nations had developed and a time of peace was established. It was a time of excitement and knowledge as new regions and islands were discovered and the first governments, monarchies and dictatorships were set up. Only one country, Routa, was endlessly wracked by a vicious civil war. Eventually The modern-day Routans won and banished the other side from the kingdom. They later formed Imperial Nomia (see Renomian Civil Wars). Howver, by 800 BWI, The Nations were gripped by fervent patriotism and they were in a state of dissatisfaction with the way things were...

Imperial- 800 BWI-2 AWI[]

Many Nations broke the peace during the Secondary era and sounght to expand the borders of their countries. Most just took the surrounding, much weaker territories but some, like Infania, became fully-fledged empires. Never-ending conflicts raged between Nations (such as the Lcici-Almonda War of 600-560 BWI) and it was clear that it was a case of survival of the fittest. Finally, by approximately 100 BWI, Daiskan Countries Prospered under strong and wise leaders. However, by 20 BWI, alliances had been formed and Nations were distrusting each other. On 3rd April, 0 AWI, Nomia invaded Copper State.


After the War of Ivory[]

Renaissance- 2-700 AWI[]

Having learnt their lessons from the War of Ivory, many Countries clustered together for protection, wealth and trade and due to this closeness of nations a cultural Revolution took place, rediscovering the learning and wisdom of the Secondary Era. Xenophobia was unheard of and many peoples began Migrating to other countries and even into the Great Wildernesses due to Population Booms.

Second Imperial- 700-750 AWI[]

This Era was a short lasting one, its memory marred by two bitter conflicts: The Great North War, rivalling the Ivory War in savagery and loss of life, and The War of the Empires, Dragging on almost as long as the Lcici-Almonda War.