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Daleon is a planet in the Port Galaxy and Jamer solar system. The name of it comes from the Rhoodia language, where dal means the and eon means world. Rhoodia is one of the strongest nations on the planet.


The history of Daleon will be written in different stories that covers eras of information, beginning with the Ancient War, the first ever war in Daleon. Daleon is seperated into the western side, the eastern side, and the islands. The islands cover the massive ocean between the two landmassess. The world has existed for 5,000 years, and is seperated into eras. There are 6 eras and they are: Ancient (0-1350), Building (1350-2000) the Rennaisance (2000-2500) The Great War (2500-3500), The Cold War (3500-4000), and Current (4000-5000). The main species are humans.

List of Parts:

Part 1


Rhoodia: Rhoodia is the most powerful country in the western landmass, and contains the capital of the Western Confederation. The name of its capital is Rhoodia City.

Chaporea: Chaporea is the most powerful country in the eastern landmass, and holds the captial of the Eastern Alliance. The name of its capital is Toking.

Kooboa: Kooboa is a powerful country in the islands. It is the largest island and as a result is the center of commerce. Kooboa is the most war torn country in Daleon as holding gives control over the entire economy of Daleon.