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Dallas Uprising
Part of Allied Revolutionary War
Train Station Dallas
One of the many scenes of the original transportation blocks.
Date 10 May 2010 - 17 May 2010
Location Dallas, Allied States
Result Major government victory
File:Flag of American Fascist Alliance.svg American Fascist Alliance Flag of the Allied States of America Allied States of America
Commanders and leaders
Flag of American Fascist Alliance Logan Coelho Flag of the Allied States of America Mark O'Connor
Dallas Police Department Patch David Brown
Flag of American Fascist Alliance ~520 combatants and thousands of unarmed rioters Flag of the Allied States of America 4,000 National Guardsmen
Dallas Police Department Patch ~3,100 police officers
Casualties and losses
99 dead
124 injured
31 dead National Guardsmen and police officers
16 dead civilians
56 injured civilians, National Guardsmen and police

The Dallas Uprising was an uprising conducted by fascist insurgents against the Government of the Allied States in Dallas, Texas. It began on 10 May 2010 with a massive block of transportation systems by both aggressive and passive insurgents. The Government of the Allied States claimed it ended on 17 May 2010, however, many claim fighting and disturbances didn't end until at least 5 June. The insurgents, the American Fascist Alliance, were part of the International Fascist Federation.


The uprising began with a mass transportation block of railways and roads with stones, and the destruction of some transportation infrastructure. When Dallas police reacted aggressively with tear gas, the protest turned violent as rioters started using molotov-cocktails and sidearms. The Texas National Guard deployed about 4,000 Guardsmen to fight the insurgents off, however, because of the confusion - many AFA members were peaceful protesters - troops found it difficult to effectively find and neutralize their targets.

Witness reports[]

The initial reports of rebellious activity were reported largely by people dialing 911. Some of these calls were made public:

10 May, 3:44

- Dispatcher: 911 do you require police, fire or medical assistance?
- Caller: Uh -- I'm not sure. I guess police.
- Dispatcher: Alright, sir, tell me what's happening.
- Caller: I am a bus driver and [hard thumb-sound] -- woah! Uh, I am at the bus stop in Ir-[thumb]-- North Irving--<interrupted>
- Dispatcher: -- Sir, are you in immediate danger?
- Caller: No, no, they're outside. These are strong windows. I am at the North Irving bus station. There are [thumb, glass cracking] protesters and rioters everywhere. Hundreds of 'em.
- Dispatcher: Yes sir, we've received calls concerning that already. At least once officer should already be on scene.
- Caller: I--- I can't see him. They're throwing rocks [glass breaking, sirens clearly heard in the background] at the buses --- Oh shit! They're setting the terminal ---- fire! [loudspeaker in the background: "Disperse!"]
- Dispatcher: Sir, stay calm and --- do you have passengers in the bus?
- Caller: No, no, I am -- alone [thumb]. But more police are arriving. It doesn't look good, there are too many rioters for them to control.
- Dispatcher: The police will handle it, please stay in the vehicle. Would you like to stay on the line with me, or will you be alright on your own?
- Caller: I think [thumb] I'll be alright. More cops are coming.
- Dispatcher: Alright sir, just call back once you need to!
- Caller: Alright, thanks.

10 May, 3:45

- Dispatcher: 911 - do you need police, fire or an ambulance?
- Caller: [shouting and commotion heard in the background] I am at ---[caller appears to be running, and is out of breath] La- Ray Transit Center --- they --- chasing me.
- Dispatcher: Who is chasing you, ma'am?
- Caller: R- rioters! LEAVE ME ALONE!
- Dispatcher: Ma'am please confirm you are at the Lake Ray Hubbard Transit Center in Garland?
- Caller: Yes! Yes! [sirens in the background]
- Dispatcher: Alright ma'am, we already have units en route there due to other calls.
- Caller: Yes. Help! Help me!
- Dispatcher: Ma'am are you with officers?
- Caller: [background voice yelling: "DPD stop!"] Yes, they're here!
- Dispatcher: Are you safe ma'am?
- Caller: [background voice yelling: "Stop now!"] Yeah, the officers are chasing them, one is with me. Thank you.

10 May, 3:45, police central dispatch

- Police Central: All units, all units, we have multiple reports of violence at bus and transportation hubs across the city. Request officers in riot gear to 5601 Riverside Drive, Irving - 6151 Duck Creek Drive, Garland - 1412 South Trunk Avenue, Dallas - 4040 West 15th Street, Plano. That's CODE 0, I repeat, CODE 0 to these locations only for riot gear police. CODE 3 all other units to nearest emergency location. Sector dispatches will keep you updated. Out.

10 May, 4:21

- Dispatcher: Dallas 911, do you require police, medical or fire assistance?
- Caller: EVERYTHING! A bomb just exploded at City Hall!
- Dispatcher: Sir, try to remain calm. Did you say a bomb has exploded at City Hall? Are YOUR alright sir?
- Caller: [commotion in the background, fire sirens in the distance] I --- I am fine. It was in the back of the building, but there's smoke everywhere. I --- I don't know if anyone's hurt or dead or if the building's gonna collapse.
- Dispatcher: Sir, there are fire and rescue units en route to City Hall, but there should already be police there.
- Caller: Yeah, yeah, I just saw them running into the building. Are terrorists attacking us again?!
- Dispatcher: I don't have any details right now, sir. Once the situation calms down, you can speak to an officer.
- Caller: Alright, yes, thank you. The fire trucks are --- pulling up now.
- Dispatcher: Okay sir, just call us back if you need anything.


  • 10 May: The uprising begins with the transportation blocks across the city.
  • 10 May: An improvised explosive device explodes within the Dallas City Hall. Nobody is killed or injured with minor structural damage.
  • 12 May: The National Guard is deployed.
  • 17 May: Attention is shifted to Houston, this marks the official end of the Dallas Uprising, however there are still reports of violence by the Dallas PD.


After fierce fighting from both sides, most of the fascists attempted to leave Dallas with little success, but several hundred did manage to make it out of the city and into Houston to join their co-conspirators. The Houston Uprising, however, was put down in one day.

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