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the Danish News Network (DNN) is a Danish television newsbroadcaster. The network has 1 station that broadcast news in english 24 hours every day. It was established in february 2010 and is funded by the mediatax. DNN broadcasts news, debates, official visits from foreign nations, political analysis programmes and more.

The DNN is availiable in most European countries as well as in North America, some countries in Asia and in Africa. And a free live online broadcast is also availiable at all times.

News Ticker[]

The following is a summary of news in Denmark as provided through the ticker bar of the DNN news broadcasts.

June 09, 2010[]

  • Muslim teens at a Copenhagen concert threw eggs at pop icon who shares a name with a holy city of Islam.
  • An estimated 40,000 people gathered at parliament’s home of Christiansborg Palace in Copenhagen yesterday to protest against the latest round of government cuts.
  • Denmark have send 2 battle ships to the english channel to assist the Everetti fleet.

June 10, 2010[]

  • Denmark has asked Google to destroy all sensitive data collected illegally in the country and "is waiting impatiently" for the final confirmation from the internet giant.
  • Following the discovery of another error in the national citizenship test, MPs have asked the Immigration Ministry to pass those who failed due to the erroneous question.
  • Presidnet Lise Groth has announced that the country has now officially broken all diplomatic ties with Belgium after the occupation of the country by Yaphei.

June 11, 2010[]

  • Two Danish soldiers died this morning in an explosion accident during a shooting exercise at the military training camp in Oksbøl, Jutland
  • There is a risk of torrential rain on Bornholm and heavy rain in several places in the country today.
  • Toy giant Lego builds new headquarters in Billund, Jutland for 400 million dollars.
  • Great confidence in the national team during World Cup.