Dasa Salari

Dasa Salarie is a well-known Lizardfolk bounty hunter. He uses a bow and arrow, even though these are obselete weapons in Uldera. Dasa has a scar on his face, just below his left eye. He has a hatred of cockatrices, which gave him his scar.

Early Life

In the Common Year of 1325, Dasa broke out of his egg. The Salaries were and still are a rich Lizardfolk family in Sauria. Dasa then trained in combat school. He was sentenced to death when he had a brood with his egg-sister, Tala. He escaped to Ret, and became an adult there

Discovering the Lion

Dasa took a tramp steamer to Port Nelson, and killed his newest target, Roger Johnston, there. He then fled the city on horseback and came to Danielsburg. Considently, the Lion, James Williams, was also in the city. He ran into James' carrige, whilst fleeing police. He hid underneath it, and then met James. He then