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Day Lord, a member of a race of advanced deities or demi-gods, whose origins are shrouded in mystery. They live on planet Thelmadoria somewhere in the Parallel Galaxy. They have the power to change the days of all planets, and they also travel around the galaxies. Day Lords have the ability to transport themselves back in time or even through space with a THETA. They help others by defeating monsters like the Beast of Liberak, a monster that stalked the peaceful Liberakians and killed a few of their babies. The Day Lords also changes the outcome of one event that was a catastrophe into an adventure to save a lot of innocent people. They follow a strict set of ethics in the Book of Days, an entire book based upon the teachings of past Day Lords. There are different guilds that a Day Lord can join and take part in. The most famous Day Lord was Theodore Fearney, a member of the Voice of Mercy Guild whose power was love for his female partner named Erin Lockford of Germantown, New York. There are 13 Day Lords in a group called a house. They are either trained to be good or evil, who are exiled from their domus. The Day Lords chooses the good side instead of the evil side therefore they are great soldiers of peace. The Day Lords follows a calendar called the dies libellus or "small book of days" that contains the days, and the months of the year. The Day Lord's body is strong enough to take a beating and withstanding the beta plague as well.


The Day Lords and Maidens settled Thelmadoria in 5000 S.A., and greeted the native Thelmadorians with gifts. Then the Evening Lords and Evening Maidens who were friends with the Day Lords, and Day Maidens they settled Thelmadoria in 4599 S.A.

Legend of the Frost Gods & Day Lord's Genesis[]

The Frost Gods however had a plan to take over Thelmadoria in a brutal manner. The Frost Gods tried to freeze the five races with freezing cold ice and crush them with ice rocks. Then a Day Lord named Regulus Cronos, made a deal with the Sun Gods. The only thing the Day Lord promised the Sun Gods was to populate Thelmadoria.

The Day Lord agreed with the Sun Gods. So Day Lord Regulus Cronos, and his Day Maiden named Gaea gave birth to millions of children.

Among these millions was Delos Troad, the ancestor of the Delosians and the Ellenes. The Delosians and Ellenes settled with each other and established families.