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DeRalphi is a planet in the Thordon Galaxy. It is the only planet in that galaxy to have life. The three intelligent life forms on it are squirrels, humans and moles/gophers.

The Planet[]

Land and Sea[]

DeRalphi has four continents. The first one is the Great Northern Island which is around the North Pole. The second one is Dorner. The third and fourth continents are connected. The third is named Etuos, and the fourth one is Awsed. They are separated by the Hujiko Mountains. Dorner, Etuos, and Awsed are on the equator. There is one ocean named the Qwerty Ocean.



Squirrels live on the Great Northern Island. They are intelligent. Squirrels are three feet tall. There are two types of squirrels. One is the flying squirrel. The other is the red squirrel. The flying squirrel lives in the western side of the island. They live in the nation of Lop with the capital of Pol. The red squirrel lives in the eastern side of the island. They live in the nation of Qaz with the capital of Zaq. The flying squirrel and the red squirrel have a rivalry with each other. In fact, they are currently in a cold war. Both squirrel nations have good relationships with the humans and the moles and gophers. There are about four million squirrels.


Humans live on the other three continents. They are about 6 feet tall. On the continents there are many nations. On Dorner there is the United Provinces of Dorner (USP) 2nd largest country in Dorner, the Republic of Ghene 4th largest, the People's Republic of Liminian, largest country, and Thyland, 3rd largest. They have good relationships with each other. They are united in the Confederation of Dorner. In Etuos, there is one, large country called the Etuos Empire. It is the largest country in the world. On Awsed there really is no countries after the Awsed Civil War, only warlords and loose militias. They have good relationships with the other intelligent life forms. There are about 100,000,000 humans.


Moles and gophers live on the same continents that humans live on. There is one nation, the Mole Empire. Moles are the dominate species over the gophers. Gophers are basicly slaves. Moles and gophers like squirrels are 3 feet tall. The Mole Empire has a capital of Mole City. This is where His Majesty King Mole resides. He is guarded by the Mole Royal Guard. Moles are isonalist. There are about 60,000,000 moles and 56,000,000 gophers.

Current Situation[]

The year is 2047.


The cold war is heating up with both sides ready for war.


The Awsed Civil War left Awsed in ruins. The Confederation of Dorner and the Etuos Empire have claims on the continent.


The Gopher Rebellion has begun as gophers all across the Mole Empire has attacked moles.