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Decker Reginrauve International Airport
DRI Javelin
Decker Reginrauve International Airport Station, nearing completion
Station statistics
Address Underneath Terminal C, Koiwai Decker Reginrauve International Airport
Reginrauve, Westminster County, Federal District
Airport Javelin
Yellow Line
via Decker Reginrauve Int'l Airport (RTS Koiwai)
Connections LBS Koiwai
Levels 1
Platforms 3 bay platforms
Tracks 4
Parking none, however, customers can use a TransCard to pay for parking in Airport Garages
Baggage check Express Baggage Check is available for all flights at least one hour in advance
Other information
Opened February 25, 2010
Accessible Handicapped/disabled access
Code KRG
Owned by Koiwai Department of Transportation

Preceding station   KARRS   Following station
Airport Javelin Terminus
Preceding station   RTS Koiwai   Following station
Yellow Line Terminus

Decker Reginrauve International Airport is a KARRS Airport Javelin station, underneath to Terminal C of Koiwai Decker Reginrauve International Airport. It is the eastern terminus of the Airport Javelin.