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For the Spanish explorer, see Juan Delmago
You might also be searching for the Georgeland state of Delmago Island
Delmago is a division of the Georgeland House of Commons located in southern Santa Christina. It takes in the neighbourhoods of West Park and Darlington.
The seat is named for the Spanish explorer Juan Delmago, who discovered the Georgeland islands in the 1760s. The seat has existed since Georgeland's independence in 1891.
The current MP for Delmago is Wendy Bowen, of the Conservative Party of Georgeland.

Members of Parliament[]

  1. Sir John Frobicher 1891-1905 (Conservative)
  2. Adam Knight 1905-1911 (Conservative)
  3. Horace Bentley 1911-1928 (Conservative)
  4. Winston Freeman 1928-1938 (Labour)
  5. Peter Drummond 1938-1942 (Labour)
  6. Nicholas Stubbs 1942-1976 (Conservative)
  7. David Hume 1976-1979 (Labour)
  8. Alan Baldwin 1979-2002 (Conservative)
  9. Wendy Bowen 2002- (Conservative)