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An election was held on Delmahgo Island on Friday, March 9, 2007. Conservative Chief Minister Daniel Mahoney sought a second term against the Liberal Democratic opposition led by Mike Socic. The Conservatives had governed in minority since just after the 2004 election.

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats won six seats each. A Georgeland Alliance candidate, Colin Brennan, won Central North, while his party colleague Peter Frost was defeated, meaning the party broke even. With Brennan holding the balance of power, he was appointed Speaker of the legislature in exchange for supporting the Conservatives. After the election, Socic stood down and was replaced as LDP leader by Jan Walker.

Polling before the election had suggested the National Front, which had launched in the state in 2005, could win as many as three seats. They ultimately won 11.5% of the vote, but did not finish first in any seats. They finished second in seven of the eleven seats they contested.


Party Leader Votes % Swing Seats Change
Conservative Party of Georgeland Daniel Mahoney 4,818 42.4% -8.1% 6 +1
Liberal Democratic Party Mike Socic 3,888 34.22% +3.39% 6 +1
Georgeland Alliance None 945 8.32% -0.15% 1 0
National Front Mike Jones 1,307 11.5% +11.5% 0 0
Independents/others NA 405 3.56% -1.04% 0 0
11,363 13

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