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The Bergish Land currently numbers 409 116 inhabitants and has an average population density of 146 inhabitants per square kilometre. The country's poulation has always been concentrated in the southern parts of the country. The share of foreign citizens in the Bergish Land is 0.9% being the lowest in Europe. Most of them are from France (0.6%) or Switzerland (0.2%).


Most of the Bergish people speak Buergesch as their mother language (94%). Buergesch is a member of the Germanic language group.

The largest minority language is French spoken by 5% of the population. Other minority languages are Swiss German (0.8%) and German (0.2%).


Most of the Bergish people are members of the Catholic church (87%). A Minority belong to the Evangelic Lutheran church (11%). Other religious communities are significantly smaller: Orthodox (1%) and non-Christian communities (0.5%). 0.5% of the population has no religious affiliation.