The Dendrius galaxy

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The Dendrius galaxy is a gigantic spacial object with a diameter of approximately 15 000 light years. It contains millions of planets, many of them supporting life. It is believed to contain four hundred to five hundred billion stars. The Dendrius galaxy is divided into five Sectors.

Dominant species

In order of population:

  1. Time Paladins
  2. Curodian
  3. Yruntadites
  4. Inzecti
  5. Nurians
  6. Cybernetics
  7. Duelliki (see Empire of Imperia)
  8. Concorrl
  9. Paralians
  10. Noralians
  11. Luranians
  12. Palaedonii
  13. The Oppi

World Overview

The Dendrius galaxy is a area populated by countless billions of species. Only a few of them have the technology to make it into space, however, and even fewer can get further than that (the species listed above). To achieve

The nations of the galaxy

faster travel, Hyperspace technology and Hyperdrive (and also Spacial Rift technology for the most advanced civilizations) have been invented, but these have caused some problems such as Spacial Implosions. Also, more powerful weapons, such as CNT's, have been constructed.

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