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A galaxy that the Cyberitans seized in 100 A.C. and then took control of. The Thelmadorians fought them in 1905 A.C. The Denwick Galaxy was named after the Thelmadorian family of explorers.

Posov Affair[]

The first planet that was invaded was Posov. A small industrious planet, Posov produced many war machines and ships called kill-divers. The 100,000 units of kill-diver invaded planet Posov.

Planets & Moons[]

  • Gaea
  • Gark
  • Vick: An M-class planet that has a surface that is too toxic to even land on. The planet is being explored by probes and sending data to the Galactic Confederate Science Team or GCST.
  • Leptus
  • Klamatheus
  • Lau'lau
  • Chazar: An O-class moon that is covered by deserts. Chazar is home to the Chaussai, a desert-dwelling people who dwells in caves and ravines.
  • Sauratopia
  • Breem
  • Cashb
  • Ghadarra
  • Lurukia
  • Scaduna
  • D'sarra
  • Planeta Optica
  • Callides
  • Es
  • Sopek
  • Phrysia
  • Hratok: An O-class planet with a grim past of war between two races the Kauthi and the Chjushupqids. The war was from 200 S.A. to 90 A.C. until the Cyberitans took control and the two factions surrendered peacefully.
  • Askijia
  • Cyrone
  • Trylleriën or Snow Clad: An O-class planet that the Cyberitans avoided after the Trullies attacked them with their divers. The name Snow Clad is the translation of the name of their planet Trylleriën. Then the Trullies helped other planets out by arming them with divers and cutler-beams.
  • Hydros
  • Delosis: An O-class planet that is home to 2,000,000 colonists and 5,000,000 workers from Earth. The Delonians were the first alien species to let humans settle on their planet without war, and they been Earth's ally against numerous invasions. The Cyberitans tried to take Delosis but the Delonians, and humans fought them off in a huge space battle.
  • Cablitsya
  • Posov: An O-class planet which the Cyberitans took control of first. The natives called Posovars tried to overthrow them is series of battles.
  • Ascondido
  • Raagavati: The super moon in the Denwick Galaxy all the planets rotates within it's gravitational pull.
  • New Gyria: A former Terran colony that was destroyed by the Cyberitans in 1099 A.C.