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Republic of Ivalice
Department of Defense and Veterans Services
Seal of the Ivalice Department of Defence and Veteran Services
Agency overview
Preceding agencies
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Veterans Services
Jurisdiction Federal government of Ivalice
Headquarters Central Military Command Headquarters, Palisades, Ivalician Federal District
Employees 1475000
Annual budget 28.0 billioni
Agency executives
  • Franklin Templeton, Secretary
  • Harry Clifford, Deputy Secretary

The Department of Defense and Veterans Services (DoD or DVS) is the Ivalican federal department charged with coordinating and supervising all agencies and functions of the government relating directly to Armed Forces of Ivalice.

The Defense Department's headquarters is the Central Military Command Headquarters building near Koiwai, and has four major components– the Ivalician Army, the Ivalician Marine Navy, the Ivalician Air Force, and the Ivalician Space Corps.



The Department of Defense and Veterans Services is headed by a civilian Secretary of Defense and Veteran Services, a general deputy secretary, and deputy secretaries for different child agencies. The Secretary of the Army, Secretary of the Navy, Secretary of the Air Force, and Space Corps Administrator lead their respective sub-departments and report to the Secretary of Defense and Veteran Services.

The Department is composed of the Office of the Secretary of Defense and Veterans Services (OSDV), the Joint Forces Council (JFC), Office of the Inspector General (DIG), the Military Departments (Department of the Army (DA), Department of the Navy (DMN) & Department of the Air Forces (DAF)), the Defense Agencies and the Ivalician Space Corps Administration.

Position Name of current officeholder
Secretary of Defense and Veteran Services Franklin Templeton
Deputy Secretary of Defense Harry Clifford
Deputy Secretary of Veterans Services Eric Baldwin
Secretary of the Army David Johnston
Secretary of the Navy Forrest Williams
Secretary of the Air Forces Robert Locke
Space Corps Administrator Lisa Thomas

Child Agencies[]

Office of the Secretary of Defense and Veterans Services[]

Joint Forces Council[]

Defense Logistics Organization[]

Defense Geospatial Information Agency[]

Defense Research and Acquisitions Agency[]