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Republic of Ivalice
Department of Domesticities
Seal of the Ivalician Department of Domesticities
Agency overview
Formed 1750
Headquarters Scion Building
Elysian Fields Avenue
Annual budget 2.53 billioni
Agency executives
  • Alicia York, Secretary of the Domesticities Department
  • Whitney Hammond, Secretary of the Environmental Protection Department
  • David Brewster, Secretary of the National Security Department
Child agencies

The Department of Domesticities is the Top-Level Ivalician executive department responsible for immigration control, security, order, the environment, and federal land and property within Ivalice. As such it is responsible for the National Police Bureau, Immigration, Naturalization, and Customs Agency (INCA) and the National Park Service. It is also in charge of government policy on national security-related issues such as drugs, counter-terrorism and National Identification Cards. Its current secretary is Alicia York.


The Department of Domesticities consists of two child departments and over 20 child agencies.