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Republic of Ivalice
Department of Environmental Protection
Seal of the Ivalician Department of Environmental Protection
Agency overview
Formed 1962
Headquarters Scion Building
Elysian Fields Avenue
Annual budget 1.019 billioni
Agency executive
  • Whitney Hammond, Secretary of the Environmental Protection Department

The Department of Environmental Protection, commonly abbreviated as DEP or EnPro is a second-level Ivalician Cabinet department, under the Department of Domesticities, charged with protecting wildlife and the environment, by writing and enforcing regulations based on laws passed by Congress. It is chiefly responsible for Ivalice's national environmental policy, and is generally credited for the environmentally-friendly conditions in the nation today.


The Environmental Protection Department employs 25,000 people in headquarters program offices, 4 state offices outside of the Ivalician Federal District, and 32 field research laboratories across the country. More than half of its staff are engineers, scientists, and environmental protection specialists; other groups include legal, public affairs, financial, and computer specialists.

The department conducts environmental assessment, research, and education. It has the primary responsibility for setting and enforcing national standards under a variety of environmental laws, in consultation with state and municipal governments. Unlike most other cabinet departments, the Environmental Protection Department usually enforces most regulations nationwide, rather than federally delegating enforcement responsibilities to the states. Department enforcement powers include fines, sanctions, and other measures.

The agency also works with industries and all levels of government in a wide variety of voluntary pollution prevention programs and energy conservation efforts.


  • Office of Administration and Resources
  • Office of Radiation
  • Office of Enforcement and Compliance Assurance
  • Office of Environmental Information
  • Office of Environmental Justice
  • Office of the Chief Financial Officer
  • Office of General Counsel
  • Office of Inspector General
  • Office of International Affairs
  • Office of Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances
  • Office of Research and Development
  • Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response
  • Office of Water
  • Office of Transportation Policy
  • Office of Interstate Environmental Protection
  • Office of Air

Each EnPro regional office is responsible within its states for implementing the Agency's programs, except those programs that have been specifically delegated to states.