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Republic of Ivalice
Department of Justice
Seal of the Ivalice Department of Justice
Department overview
Formed September 11, 1790
Jurisdiction Federal government of Ivalice
Headquarters John R. Morrissey Department of Justice Building
3250 Elysian Fields Avenue NE
Employees 90,800+ (2005)
Annual budget 171 millioni (2009)
Department executives
  • Cicely Henrickson, Attorney General
  • Louis Peelz, Deputy Attorney General
Child Department

The Department of Justice (DOJ) of the Republic of Ivalice is a Cabinet department in the Ivalician government designed to enforce the law and defend the interests of Ivalice according to the law and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all citizens. The DOJ is administered by the Ivalician Attorney General, one of the original members of the cabinet.


The Ivalician Department of Justice building was completed in 1941 by Miller, Ransom, and Associates. It is by far the largest Cabinet Headquarters in Koiwai, resting on Elysian Fields Avenue above the Diet Offices subway station. It contains more than 750,000 square feet on five floors. The building was is named for Attorney General John Robert Morrissey, who was assassinated in 1974. It is directly across Russo Avenue from the David Samuels National Police Center headquarters.


Leadership offices[]

  • Office of the Attorney General
  • Office of the Deputy Attorney General


  • Civil Law Division
  • Criminal Law Division
  • Efficiency Division
  • Human Rights Division
  • National Security Division

Law enforcement agencies[]

Several federal law enforcement agencies are administered by the Department of Justice:

Other offices and programs[]

  • International Law Compliance Office
  • INTERPOL, Ivalice Bureau