Constructed Worlds Wiki


Tag(s) Capital ship
Purpose(s) Combat
General statistics HP: 210,000
Max armament(s) 20x Tachyon lance
16x Antimatter missile
6x Quantum pulse generator
4x Quantum maelstrom generator
1x Quantum shockwave generator
Max complement(s) 6x Kinetic drive
2x Gravitic drive
2x Full spectrum sensor array
2x Hyperspace ping emitter
1x Waveform bypass module
Miscellaneous notes

The destroyer class is a capital ship laden with powerful quantum weaponry. With even more HP than an assault frigate, these warpships can soak up an immense amount of heavy fire while also dishing out tremendous damage. A few of these can wipe out smaller fleets very quickly. However, they are exceptionally vulnerable to the occasional bomb. They are generally placed behind assault frigates when in screen/wall in formation.