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On Pulasia, Dominance is a measure of the political and economic influence of a society.  The concept of dominance has been around since the Great War.

Calculating Dominance[]

Let G be the GDP of a nation or society and A be the size of its armed forces.  I is its political influence; that is, the number of other nations or societies that are friends with the chosen nation/society more than with any other nation/society plus 5.  For the purposes of dominance, only the 12 nations with the top GDP are counted.  Then the dominance of a nation is approximately

G^2*I*A/1 quintillion.

This is, of course, an oversimplification; for example, dollars are not used in Pulasia.

Chosen Dominances[]

Rodent-Rabbit Republic 2563.72

USA (Earth)                  2097.99

Crocodile Conclave       2031.21

Afrotherian Anarchy      1872.49

Squamate Superiority   1023.92

Bat Band                      825.46

Perissodactyl Place       789.52

Dinosaur Dominion         674.83

China (Earth)                 466.61

Amphibian Alliance        347.26

Artiodactyl Association   218.29

Ferae Federation            109.76

Primate Principality          60.04

Japan (Earth)                   28.85