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The Hon. Donald Giles Davis (March 17, 1927 - September 30, 1997) was a Georgeland academic and public servant who served as the 10th President of Georgeland from 1992 to 1997.

President Davis

Hon. Donald Davis

Donald Davis
Position 10th President of Georgeland
Term in office January 1, 1992 - September 30, 1997
Preceded by Michael Turnbull
Succeeded by Thomas Andrews
Total time in office 5 years, 9 months
Born March 17, 1927
Died September 30, 1997
Spouse Lucy Davis (married 1953)

Davis was a professor of history for much of his career, having earned several degrees and attended both Oxford and Cambridge Universities during his lifetime. In 1986 he was appointed as the Chairman of the National Arts Council, and in 1990 he was Director-General of the Georgeland Broadcasting Corporation. His appointment as GBC Director-General was widely acclaimed as he was not percieved as a political puppet. As D-G, Davis tried hard to maintain the GBC's editorial independence.

In May 1992, Davis was appointed by Parliament as Georgeland's 10th President for a five-year term. He maintained his distance from the government as President, taking no leadership role and keeping a very low profile in office, granting few interviews and made few televised appearances. In May 1997, Davis was re-appointed President by Parliament. In August he suffered a serious heart attack and died in September at the age of 70. Prime Minister Charlton Robards acted as President (under the constitutional arrangements at the time), until Davis' successor, Thomas Andrews was appointed two weeks later.

Preceded by
Michael Turnbull
President of Georgeland
January 1, 1992 - September 30, 1997
Succeeded by
Thomas Andrews