Dorvaulder River

A factory town along the banks of the Dorvaulder River.

The Dorvaulder River is the largest river system on the island of Ivalice. Its source is Suliya Springs along the Forriedor-Gallia border. It branches into two main rivers, the West Dorvaulder River, forming the Califia-Forriedor border, and ending at the island's west coast, and the East Dorvaulder River, forming the Califia-Gallia border, and ending at the east coast port city of Marcosia, Califia.

The river is approximately 845 statute miles (1359 km) long, and virtually cuts the island into two distinct segments; Califia lies north of the river, while Gallia, Forriedor, and the Ivalician Federal District lie to the south. As such, the Dorvaulder is Ivalice's most important natural boundary after the Atlantic Coasts defining the island itself. The river is an important economic artery, and hundreds of ships pass along the river each year. Its primary tributary, the Aerelon River, is critical to the Midlands Crescent region of Forriedor, connecting the industrial heartland of the state between New Manchester and Clellinon with the capital, Londinium.


The head of navigation along the Dorvaulder River is Summit Lake, however, the changes in elevation make it difficult for large ships to traverse the entire length of the river system. Several locks are proposed along the river to allow Panamax freighters to traverse the entire river for ease of transit.

List of Communities along the River

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