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Doubledance is the largest and most populous city in Georgeland, with a population of 5,463,586 (2002). It is Georgeland's primary centre of heavy industry and the state capital of East Mainland since 2000.

City of Doubledance
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Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: None
Metro Area
1,563 km²
Population 5,615,745 (2007 est.)
5,463,586 (2002 census)
Pop’n rank 1st
Pop Density 3495/
Location S, E
Elevation Sea level to 17m
Incorporation 1861
State East Mainland
Members of Parliament ??
State Legislators ??
Mayor Douglas Scofield
(since 2000)
Governing Body Doubledance City Council
Time Zone GEST (OTC +6)
Postal Code EM001 to EM334
Area Code 33

The city is located on the Dance River 'pronounced "Daunce"', and was first settled by French settlers in the 1810s. The French colony failed and was absorbed into the British settlement by the 1830s. The name of the city is derived from the Dance river, though the city is pronounced "Double Dance" and not "Double Daunce". Many pronounce the city's name as "Doo-ble Dance"; this is not the 'official' pronunciation, however.



The Doubledance City Council is the legislative authority, while the local government is headed by a directly-elected Mayor. Like all major Georgeland cities, Doubledance has a mayor-council system of government. The City of Doubledance incorporates eight'boroughs', many of which, like Cheltenham and Canterbury, were formerly cities in their own right.





  • Doubledance
  • Durham
  • East Doubledance
  • Hatton
  • Manchester
  • Morningside
  • Parkhurst
  • Riverside