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The Doubledance mayoral election of 2008 will be held on June 30, 2008 and will elect the 24th Mayor of Doubledance. Incumbent Mayor Douglas Scofield is not seeking re-election. The election is expected to attract a wide field of candidates, some of whom have already declared their intention to run. The election will be held concurrently with a number of other local government elections around Georgeland, including the Santa Christina mayoral election, 2008.


Liberal Democratic[]

  • Charlotte LeBeau, former Foreign Minister and Ambassador to the European Union. Announced her Mayoral campaign on March 4, 2008. LeBeau was subsequently chosen, on March 29, as the party's mayoral candidate, with 62% of the Liberal Democratic preselection vote.

Other candidates included:

  • Ian Weller, Borough President of Durham since 2001.
  • Duncan Forrest, Mayor of Doubledance 1988-1992.


On March 23, the Conservative party selected Rebecca Owens as its mayoral candidate. Owens narrowly won the contest with a primary vote of just over a third in a three-way race. After preferences, Owens won 50.05% of the preselection vote. Owens is currently Director-General of the Civic Beautification Campaign (since 2006-) and formerly (2002 - 2006) Borough President of Hatton.
Owens' rivals for the nomination were:

  • Tim Rourke, Councillor from the Riverside ward since 2000. Rourke won 27.7% of the primary preselection vote and 49.95% of the vote after preferences.
  • Andrew Bishop, businessman. Elimiated in the first round of voting.


  • On March 31, the Green Party chose local Greenpeace activist Tony McKay as its candidate.

Georgeland Alliance[]

The Georgland Alliance candidate will be Arthur Street. Street's candidacy has the backing of Deputy Chief Minister Georgia Cobar.


  • David Strong, member of the Doubledance City Council since 1995.
  • Elizabeth Kelly, 20-year-old university student campaigning on youth issues.