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DKC logo Downtown Koiwai Circulator
File:DKC car central.jpg
A Circulator trainset at the Central Station siding
Type Light rail
System Downtown Koiwai Circulator
Locale Koiwai, Ivalician Federal District
Terminals Koiwai Central Station
KDOT/Metro Center-Dalmasca
Stations 26
Services 1
Daily ridership 43,509 (February 2010)
Opened December 27, 2008
Owner Koiwai Department of Transportation
Operator(s) Koiwai Department of Transportation
Rolling stock Kinki Sharyo
Line length 10 mi
Track gauge Standard Gauge
Electrification Overhead catenary

The Downtown Koiwai Circulator is a 10 mile light rail loop operating in the city of Koiwai, Ivalician Federal District and is part of the Koiwai Department of Transportation public transit system. Construction began in March 2005; operation started December 27, 2008. It runs on city streets for most of its length, entering connector tunnels at the RTS Koiwai stations it serves.


Route and Schedule[]

The Downtown Koiwai Circulator currently operates along one double-tracked loop throughout downtown Koiwai, making the following stops: