Drag Race Georgeland is a Georgeland reality competition television program, based on the US program RuPaul's Drag Race . It was the second international version of Drag Race to be licensed, after the Chilean version, and debuted on Five UIG in 2017. The series is hosted by Vanilla Skye, and features several prominent comic, drag and musical performers as guest judges and mentors. Skye acts as the program's chief judge, but all decisions are in fact made by the panel collectively. 

Though it is modelled on the program he created and produces, RuPaul Charles has not appeared on the program, though he has done several filmed inserts. In order to maintain the license agreement for the format and branding, Charles, along with his co-producer Michelle Visage, recieve Executive Producer credit for the Georgeland version.

The show airs on Five UIG, a free-to-air network. The license agreement with the original program's owner, ViacomCBS, does not permit the US version to be shown on free-to-air TV, and is instead shown only on streaming service UIV.

Conception and history

With the original beginning showing on pay TV in Georgeland in 2012, plans for a local version were developed by several companies and networks. The only one of these to come to any kind of fruition was by local entertainment company Richmond Media, part owners of the TV network Five UIG. Since CBSViacom owned a stake in Five, the network announced in 2014 that it was close to a deal which would allow a local version of Drag Race, initially to be called Drag Superstars and later Knock Down, Drag Out. Talks between Five and the Drag Race franchise, however, stalled over naming rights and distribution.

With the licensing of a Chilean version of the program in 2015, negotiations resumed, and in 2016 it was announced that a fully-licensed version of Drag Race, similar to the US original, would begin airing in 2017. 


As with the other versions of the program, the show is an elimination competition in which one (or occasionally more) contestant is eliminated by the judges every week. The final edition of each series chooses an overall series winner, who recieves a cash prize ($150,000 for the first two series, $200,000 for the second) and several additional prizes including holidays, vouchers and media contracts. 

Every episode, with a handful of exceptions, sees contestants competing in both a 'mini' and 'maxi' challenge. The mini challenges typically take place over an hour or so of time and usually involve improvisational skill, while the maxi challenges are much more complex and involve acting, singing, dancing and performance, as well as drag. The final segment of each show, the Runway Challenge, involves contestants appearing on the runway set in drag, with the theme of the pageant announced at the beginning of each show. 

In reality, performers generally have around a fortnight to complete their runway and maxi challenges. The entire process of filming the show takes around four months, and the airdate is around eight months after filming begins. For the period the contestants are competing and the show is airing, they are under a non disclosure agreement. For the first and second series, contestants had only limited contact with friends and family during the production; in the third, this restriction was relaxed. 

As with the US version (as well as subsequent versions such as those in Thailand and the UK), every season has included a 'Snatch Game' challenge (based on the US gameshow Match Game, which ironically has never aired in Georgeland) in which contestants impersonate a celebrity. A mixture of local and international celebrities have been impersonated, including Skye herself and, on one occasion, Emma Chiltern, who was present for the segment (which the impersonator, Lucky Lee, did not know prior to the event). 

The weakest two contestants of each week take part in a lip-sync battle, with the loser (as judged by the panel) eliminated. On two occasions no contestant has been eliminated, and on one, both contestants were. 

Host and judges

Each edition is hosted by Vanilla Skye, who herself appeared on Season 3 of the US version. Skye announces the challenges and interviews contestants in the work room, and occasionally appears with them in challenges. Unlike RuPaul, Skye does not appear out of drag during the show's run, although has done so during promotional appearances.

Each episode also has a number of guest judges to form a panel of three. These judges sometimes also take part in the mini challenges. Judges to date have included Emma Chiltern, Wendy Cooper, Karen Jackson, Nathan Kellerman , Keith Briggs, Sue Diamond, Peter Kellogg, Simon Sharpe, Jason Addison, Millie Wyatt, and Mackenzie Banner.


Each series thus far has begun with twelve contestants, with three (four in series 3) remaining by the series final. 

Series 1 (2017)

Capri Sun Lucky Lee Janet Miss V Ellie McQueen
Jacqueline Hyde Sunny Day Romy Rogers Juju
Mellie Mojo Petra Pisces Linda Love Lacey X

Series 2 (2018)

Sin Sinatti Virginia Woof Mabel Rings Vilma Voom
Tori Nicks Jessie G Sally-Anne Belle Buxton
Soda Winns Jazz Apples Gina McQueen Fifi Fiddler

Series 3 (2019)

Ophelia Buttons Heidi Holes Pocket Polly Sienna Matthews
Janey Jo Josie Rogers Edie Sykes Barbra Booty
Jackie Yoyo Vanta Black Miss Fit Jasmine Rice

Series 4 (2020)

Anna Phylaxis Nellie Monroe Kelly Sue Matthews Adele Rogers
Maria XO Sally Muffins Terri Yoyo Rogers Regina Hertz
Juney Carey Jessie Snax Elle O Elle Vanessa McQueen


Series 1 (2017)

Episode # Airdate Guest judges Eliminated queen/s
1.01 20/05/2017 Tori Adler

Sue Diamond

Petra Pisces
1.02 27/05/2017

Jason Addison Ryan Cooleman

Mellie Mojo
1.03 03/06/2017 Jenny Cochrane

Joey King

1.04 10/06/2017 Joel Lane

Nathan Kellerman

Capri Sun
1.05 17/06/2017 Amy Ryan-Cole

Emma Chiltern

Janet Miss V
1.06 24/06/2017 Ross Golding

Matt Bailey

1.07 01/07/2017 Mackenzie Banner

Genny Jones

Sunny Day
1.08 09/07/2017 Harriet Carter-Knox

Sally Ryan

Ellie McQueen
1.09 16/07/2017 Mavis Cox

Linda Nunn

Lacey X
1.10 23/07/2017 Francine Jones

Eliza Romanovich

Lucky Lee
1.11 30/07/2017 Best of Series 1 compilation
1.12 6/08/2017 Karen Holmes

Jarrah Lessing

Jacqueline Hyde

Linda Love

Romy Rogers was crowned the season winner. 

Series 2 (2018)

Episode # Airdate Guest judges Eliminated queen/s
2.01 07/09/2018 Liam Collins
Alex Waves
Vilma Voom
2.02 14/09/2018 Petra Cooper
Jared Knox
Soda Winns
2.03 21/09/2018 Lisa Sturridge
Barbara Fox
Jazz Apples
2.04 28/09/2018 Melissa Mulvaney
Joan Kennett
Belle Buxton
2.05 05/10/2018 Roger Rooney
Adriana Baxter
2.06 12/10/2018 Romy Sarkesian
Janelle Dane
Sin Sinatti
Gina McQueen
2.07 19/10/2018 Clarissa Burke
Annette Reston
Jessie G
Eliminated queens Belle Buxton and Soda Winns were re-admitted.
2.08 26/10/2018 Francine Fox
Rachael Kidd
Soda Winns (2nd time)
2.09 02/11/2018 Erica Boone
Lacey Lopez
Mabel Rings
2.10 09/11/2018 Sadie Simpson
Mark Corey
Fifi Fiddler
2.11 16/11/2018 Best of Season 2/unseen footage special
2.12 23/11/2018 Lynda Knight
Joanne Dalley
Simon Sharpe
Virginia Woof
Belle Buxton
Tori Nicks was crowned the Season 2 winner

Series 3 (2019)

Episode # Airdate Guest judges Eliminated queen/s
3.01 Wendy Cooper

John Hinton

Edie Sykes
3.02 Greg Frome

Edie Ewers

Josie Rogers
3.03 Mackenzie Banner

Johanna Mitchum

Jackie Yoyo
3.04 Mark Hanson

Rachael Knight

Ophelia Buttons
3.05 Sue Diamond

Hussein Aziz

Janey Jo
3.06 Anna Jones

Will Beans

Heidi Holes
3.07 Clinton Dalley

Gina Ross

3.08 Jason Addison

Colleen Duffy

Miss Fit
Eliminated queens Ophelia Buttons and Edie Sykes were re-admitted.
3.09 Millie Wyatt

Rex Thomas

Vanta Black
3.10 Lucy Bishop

Ben Yaxley

Jasmine Rice
3.11 Karen Jackson

Owen Hooper

Ophelia Buttons
3.12 Best of Season 3 and unseen footage compilation
3.13 Romy Rogers

Tori Nicks

Sienna Matthews

Barbra Booty

Pocket Polly

Edie Sykes was crowned the Season 3 winner.

Series 4 (2020)

Episode # Airdate Guest judges Eliminated queen/s
4.01 Jessie Snax
4.02 Elle O Elle
4.03 Juney Carey
4.04 Maria XO
4.05 Anna Phylaxis

Adele Rogers

4.06 None
Adele Rogers and Elle O Elle were re-admitted to the competition. 
4.07 Vanessa McQueen
4.08 Regina Hertz
4.09 Elle O Elle (2nd time)
4.10 Adele Rogers (2nd time)
4.11 Untucked and Unseen special
4.12 Terri Yoyo Rogers
4.13                  Best of Season 4 special
4.14 Nellie Monroe

Kelly Sue Matthews

Sally Muffins was crowned the winner of Series 4
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