The Druaga,colloquially called Space Dragons, were among the galaxy's more secretive and mysterious species. No one knows where they are come from, The Druaga has migrated to other planet in the Interstellar Confederation.

Biology and appearance

Though variable in appearance, Druaga generally had serpentine bodies, canine face, insect-like wings, and a pair of legs on each of many body segments. The legs on their front most segment were used as arms with fully articulated hands. Their average length was five meters, but some were rumored to be one hundred meters or more. Druaga were covered in scales which ranged from various shades of purple or pale blue to gry in color. Aside from guesswork based on observations of live Druaga, little is known of their biology, as they never gave up their bodies to scientific research. Instead, they went to an uncharted planet known as "The Valley of Dragons" to die. One of their most impressive abilities was the ability to fly and survive in the vacuum of deep space for weeks or months at a time. Druaga could also live as long as 1,000 standard years. Their homeworld was unknown, or at least unrevealed by the Space Dragons. Individual Druaga had been seen on such far-scattered worlds, beyond the Wild Space.

Druaga in the galaxy

The Druaga had a reputation for being wise and mysterious, helped by their very long lifespan and their polite indifference to questions about their past or their physiology. They were generally calm and even-tempered, and often preoccupied with cosmic musings. They were also noted for a strong sense of morality. While they were friendly and gregarious with other races, the minority of Space Dragons sought only to manipulate and destroy others. Their part in the history of the galaxy was uncertain: though clearly an ancient civilization, many of the stories were more mythological than historical. Space Dragons featured in the legends of many species, usually appearing as heroes coming to the aid of an oppressed people.

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