The Duelliki are native species of the planet Imperia, and the dominant species of that planet. They are very brutal and militaristically powerful.


The history of the Duelliki has been classified into four ages, each with its own defining characteristics.

The first age

For as far back as scientist can trace, Duelliki have lived in small groups with other members of the species. These groups would most likely have been larger if the individuals had not been so barbaric.

The second age

In this age, the Duelliki began to set aside their differences and begin forming larger nations. However, this made many things worse, as now they had stronger militaries with which to destroy each other.

The third age

The shortest era, and sometimes known as the era of industry. Modern technology began its development here.

The fourth age

This is the modern and the current era. Shortly into this era, the Duelliki launched their first spacecraft, and expanded rapidly into the modern day Empire of Imperia.

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