The Database of the Second Ultraquadrant is the collection of polygalactic EUROPA civilizations, including both independent sovereign star polities and their dependencies. For a more comprehensive list for their races, see the codex; the detail number of sovereign polities is normally too big to write & has to be stored in devices. By contemporary eras, approximately 997,037 x googolplex sentients reside along EUROPA space; of which, 0.085% has achieved some forms of interstellar travel - which mean there are around 847.48 x googolplex politically active spacefaring governments. As one would expect from pan-universe magical powerhouse, the majority of spacefaring polities in EUROPA - as well as majority of their polities - are of aristocracy, monarchy (closely resemble golden ages of Europe, minus the religious fanatical parts), stratocracy and most of all, magocracy. As one of two most influent ultraquadrants, collectively regards - along with the other one, APAC - as EURAPAC, the EUROPA houses some of the most powerful star empires and alliances ever known across pan-universe community.

The hyperpower Ecumene remains solely most powerful sovereign alliance in EUROPA, even after the devastating last great war. However, their position has been fiercely competed with many other latest intergovernmental alliances, such as the Commonwealth of Empires, or the Hofsland Accords. Regardless, most EUROPA governments are highly advanced enough to be self-sufficient, often are more advanced than any others of same sizes or scopes in remain three ultraquadrants. Only the ones in APAC could stand on same grounds with them; both ultraquadratic great powers are in constant friend-enemy relationship.


The Ecumene
  • Name: Pan-EUROPA Ecumene
  • Location: Covering approximately 1/3 EUROPA
  • Government: Constitutional aristocracy - Democratic oligarchical magocracy
  • Capital: Sanctuarium
  • System count: Innumerable
  • Alignment: Lawful neutral
  • Status: Recovery, Consolidation

Currently the most influential multi-governmental alliance in EUROPA, the Ecumene was spearheaded and co-found during earliest era, as a mean to foster relationship between the Europia and many other emerging star nations at the time.
The ComEmps
  • Name: Commonwealth of Empires
  • Location: Spanning 1/2 Westward EUROPA
  • Government: Constitutional monarchy - Parliamentarian
  • Capital:
  • Alignment: Lawful good, but shifting from time to time
  • 'Status: Consolidation


Great powers

Regional powers

Middle powers

Small powers

Other powers/Intergovernmental alliances

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Abski flag NR
Abski Federation
Agrila flag NR
Agrila Union
Ähtälinen flag NR
Ähtälinen Accord
Alle Themar flag NR
Alle Themar United Order
Albarm flag NR
Albarm Republican Confederacy
Almkadi flag NR
Almkadi Empire
Alpinas flag
Alpinas Confederation
Altennau flag NR
Altennau Adherence
Amana flag NR
Amana Interstellar Commonwealth
Ambracia flag NR
Ambracia Worlds Combine
Amomoz flag
Amomoz State
Ardoran flag NR
Ardoran Protectorate
Asgarten flag NR
Asgarten Accordment
Asvarre flag NR
Asvarre Authorities
Aternum flag NR
Aternum Brotherhood
Flag of Aveinhos NR
Aveinhos Solar Dominion

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Balkan flag NR
Balkania Harmony
Baltland flag NR
Baltland Interstellar Kingdom
Bazino flag NR
Bazino Hegemony
Belarus flag NR
Belarus Triumvirates
Belgica flag NR
Belgica Kingdom
Benelux flag
Benelux Galactic Alignment
Bischofbühel flag NR
Bischofbühel Mutual Progress Association
Blufelden flag NR
Blufelden Aggregation
Blumbach flag
Blumbach Union State
Flag of bosnia NR
Bosnian Remnants
Breidalslavik flag NR
Breidalslavik Sovereignty
Brekvik flag NR
Brekvik Bloc
Brittany flag NR
Brittany Ducal Territories
Broyobia flag NR
Broyobia Consortium
Brune flag NR
Brune Tribal Federation
Flag of Burgundy NR
Burgundy Star Empire
Blagat Flag NR
Blagat Cabal
Flag of Byzantium NR
Byzantium Republic

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Carinthia Flag
Carinthia States
Carpathia flag
Carpathian Star Republic
Casarletta flag
Casarletta Administration
Castra Devana flag NR
Castra Devana Ascendacy
Celtic flag NR
Celtic Alliance
Celltendre flag NR
Celltendre Alignment
CES flag
Centrol European Superstate
Cleatia Flag NR
Cleatia Axis
Iduvalon flag NR
Confederacy of the Worlds of the Iduvalon
Arteide flag
Consolidation of Arteide
Cornelii flag NR
Cornelii Divinarium
Creabia flag NR
Creabia League
Criweth flag NR
Criweth Nations Space Command
Croutish flag NR
Croutish Sphere
Cruimmigary flag NR
Cruimmigary Principate
Cuzzepan flag NR
Cuzzepan Oligarchy

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Damarctona flag NR
Damarctona Commonality
Dasmye flag NR
Dasmye Holdfast
Danish flag
Danish Core Federation
Delian flag NR
Delian Trade Consolidation
Flag of Derevna NR
Derevna Supremacy
Dianinum flag NR
Dianinum Compact
Dorssia flag
Dorssia Military Pact Federation
Draytan flag NR
Draytan Hypernation
Dreaqua flag NR
Dreaqua Contingency
Flag of Dreesenland NR
Dreesenland Array
Drideon flag NR
Drideon Codominium
Driwathage flag NR
Driwathage Corporate States
Droneian flag NR
Droneian Concordance
Droutan flag NR
Droutan Imperial Alliance
Druenia flag NR
Druenia Communion of Worlds
Duirresha flag NR
Druenia Acquisition Society
Dumasca flag NR
Dumasca Crystal Alliance
Dumbrăbav flag NR
Dumbrăbav Regime
Flag of durham NR
Durham Sector Alliance
Dutch flag (MultiChronos)
Dutch Interstellar Republic

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Easitor flag NR
Easitor Quadrantia Federation
Eatheotis flag NR
Eatheotis Cooperative
Eazomid flag NR
Eazomid Interstellar Empire
Eberscheid flag
Eberscheid Control Regimes
Echorus flag NR
Echorus Regency
Ederon flag NR
Ederon Concordata
Edusta flag NR
Edusta Colonial Republic
Eistland flag NR
Eistland Indoctrinate Collective
Ekrios flag NR
Ekrios-Metasoft Version Tree
Eliluk flag
Eliluk Imperial Confederation
Karlsland flag
Empire of Karlsland
Ennisnes flag
Ennisnes Systems
Flag of Epirus NR
Epirus Unity
Eprain flag NR
Eprain Sovereignty of Planets
Eurasian flag
European Alliance flag
European Alliance

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Mytisensk flag
Federation of Mytisensk
Albertsstrupa flag
Federal Albertsstrupa Cooperative
Muscovy flag NR
Federal Republic of the Muscovy
Flag of felijuanez NR
Felijuanez Concordiate
Filnerius flag NR
Filnerius Concord
Fiozapes flag
Fiozapes Defensive System's Bloc
Flaqua flag NR
Flaqua Covenant
Fluara flag NR
Fluara Amalgamation
Flag of Fraeburg NR
Fraeburg Council Empire
Flag of Freinia NR
Freinia Planetary Republic
Flag of Frieles NR
Frieles National Republics
Frietan flag NR
Frietan Directorate
Flag of Friylia NR
Friylia Consortium
Fruyae flag NR
Fruyae Multisolar Administration

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Gänsernding flag
Gänsernding Concordat
Garca flag NR
Garca Clusters
Gardariki flag NR
Gardariki Stellar Imperium
Geneva flag
Geneva Confederation
Gatriaton flag NR
Gatriaton Concordium
Bulgaria flag NR
Great Empire of Bulgaria
Besanmont flag
Greater Besanmont Reich
Hellas flag NR
Greater Hellenic Republic
Glaistan flag
Glaistan Grand Union
Gleivelor flag
Gleivelor Conglomeration
Gozaelia flag NR
Gozaelia Convergence
Flag of Grakorin NR
Grakorin Technocracy
Granarini flag NR
Granarini Coadunation
Ewetis flag NR
Grand Ewetis Empire
Grathea flag
Grathea Order
Gredreaton flag NR
Gredreaton Confederates
Griydor flag
Griydor Transcultural Cooperation
Gouwotis flag NR
Gouwotis Consortia

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Haapakumpu flag NR
Haapakumpu Global League
Hageth flag NR
Hageth Consulates
Hankinen flag NR
Hankinen Trade Coalition
Hanover flag NR
Hanover Kingdom
Hardweil flag
Hardweil Federation of Planets
Harwig flag
Harwig Ecumene
Heacroria flag NR
Hellenika flag NR
Hellenika Primacy
Helvetia flag
Helvetian Consulate
North caucasus emirate by mars fm-d7wugbf Herat Emirate
Flag kingdom of hesse rhine by icaramello-d3b48vr-1-
Hesse Rhine Confluence
Kingdom of hessia by deathpwnie-d5zcijt-1-
Hessia Free States
Britanny flag
Hibernia Star Domain
Flag of Hirakawa (SM 3rd Power)
Hirakawa Demarchy
Hlohobinov flag NR
Hlohobinov Solar Kingdom
Hispania flag
Hispania Imperial Union of Planets
Hohenfelde flag
Hohenfelde Interstellar Concordium
Flag of Danubia (MultiChronos)
Holy Federation of Danubia
Flag of the teutonic order of hoovaria by prussiabrony22-d7kfiaz-1-
Hoovaria Conservancy
Flag of Taoist Switzerland
Hosmaze Alliance of Species
United european federation flag by jax5485-d7f3thb-1-
Hucia Comitia
Hungary by federalrepublic-d4ojgxl-1-
Hungary Communality

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Iberian flag NR
Iberia Amalgamation Union
Ibria flag NR
Ibria Trade Protectorate
Idrera flag NR
Idrera Multisolar Administration
IEF flag NR
Interplanetary European Federation
Ignalna flag NR
Ignalna Remnant
Ikan flag NR
Ikan Ascendancy Pact
Ikisian flag NR
Ikisian Archduchy
Russia by deathpwnie-d376j32
Ildezland Slavic Hierate
Illyria flag
Illyria Prime Conclave
Imia flag NR
Imia Legion
Innsstadt flag NR
Innsstadt United Worlds
Intermarium flag
Intermarium Commonwealth
Flag of Gaul NR
Interstellar Gaulish Commonwealth
Fürstenfurt flag NR
Interstellar Union of Fürstenfurt
A World of Difference Flag of the Ionian Federation-1-
Ionian Concourses
Iphadora Flag NR
Iphadora United Nations
Irish flag NR
Irish Worlds Confederation
Isselrath flag NR
Isselrath Defence Initiative
Italian flag (MultiChronos)
Italian Nation
ISR flag
Italian Socialist Republic

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Jastrbrzeg flag
Jastrbrzeg League Alliance
Jászraszti flag NR
Jászraszti United Worlds
Flag of Jegral NR
Jegral Equalizer Civilization
Central italian union by federalrepublic-d4th3kb-1-
Jeskienia Cultural Alliance
Jetun flag NR
Jetun Legacy
Moon NOrdic Flag-1-
Jfruiji Federate
Flag of Scandinavian Union FTBW-1-
Josnium Interstellar Confederacy

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Kaarainen flag
Kaarainen Consensus
Kalinitlas flag
Kalinitlas Democratic Union
Kalmyk flag NR
Kalmyk Syndicate
Kaszubia flag by kasumigenx-d8a82qu
Kaszubia Foundation
Katerousi flag
Katerousi Suns Imperium
Kazakia by mars fm-d869usg
Kazakia Dominium
Toleti flag-1-
Keplar Unified Order
Kerian flag NR
Kerian Union of Free Systems
Britannia flag (Imperial)
Kingdom of Britannia In direct dispute with WINB and NBC
KoG flag
Kingdom of God
Kladdonín flag NR
Kladdonín Convocation
Königförde flag
Königförde Coordinate
Flag of Koroba NR
Koroba Council
Korondri flar NR
Korondri Freehold
Koúkoura flag NR
Koúkoura Magistracy
Kronfurt flag
Kronfurt Tripartite Imperium
Kronroda flag
Kronroda Confederation
Kybardas flag
Kybardas Sword Worlds

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
La Prayna Reaches
Laemore flag NR
Laemore United Federal Enclave
Lahnaniemi United Federation of Species
Lamesena flag NR
Lamesena United Federation of Nations
Flag of the Republic of Venice-1-
Lamosano Solidarity
Lanimazna flag NR
Lanimazna United Council
Alt flag of spain by captainvoda-d4cgh2k
Lasnium Federation of Worlds
Ukraine by federalrepublic-d4iwogf
Laswary Thousand Worlds
Leksund flag
Leksund Systems
Flag of lendia NR
Lendia Lordships
Fleique flag NR
Liberated Fleique Solidarity
Livarama flag NR
Livarama Imperial States
Flag of duchy of lipkania by otakumilitia-d4w40fy-1-
Lipkania Grand Duchy
Lisnagh flag NR
Lisnagh Hierarchy
Alt flag of lithuania by captainvoda-d4cjvu7
Lithuanian Expanse
Litish flag NR
Litish Exarchate
Lodian flag NR
Lodian Dynasty
United kingdom of france italy and lotharingia by federalrepublic-d5oodcm-1-
Lotharingia Colonial Empire
Lotraine flag NR
Lotraine Hierate
Lusophonia flag
Lusophonic Quantum Initiative
Alternative Commonwealth Flag01-1-
Lustrecia High Council
Lviv flag NR
Lviv Unified Federation

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Malton flag NR
Malton United Provinces
Mandomar flag NR
Mandomar Independent States
Manrelche flag NR
Manrelche Government
Marchbach flag
Marchbach Grand Reich
Marsonia flag NR
Marsonian Allied Republic
Meavelas flag NR
Meavelas Monarchical
Flag of Mediterranean NR
Mediterranean Union
Flag of Medrax NR
Medrax Margravate
Flag of Megyes NR
Megyes Palatinate
Mercia flag NR
Mercia Federate Republic
Meroc flag NR
Meroc Powers
Metheusian flag NR
Metheusian Democratic Federation
Midlegheda flag NR
Midlegheda Peoples Republic
Mirian flag NR
Mirian Parliament
Mitterfelden flag NR
Mitterfelden Illuminates
Moargan flag NR
Moargan Freeworlds Signatorate
Modinone flag NR
Modinone Galactic Union
Moesia flag NR
Moesia Grand United States
Münzach flag NR
Münzach Confederate Republic
Münzenkau flag NR
Münzenkau World Polity

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Nadrain flag NR
Nadrain Galactic Federation
Naeles flag NR
Naeles Galactic Alliance
Narmasse flag NR
Narmasse Worlds of Unions
Neclaudor flag NR
Neclaudor People's Assembly
Aarbjerg flag
New Aarbjerg Alliance
Caseliari flag NR
New Caseliari Empire
NHRE flag
New Holy Roman Empire
New Lombardi Protectorate
Nesluynia flag NR
Nesluynia Imperial Republic
Flag of Avalon NR
New Avalon Cultural Association
New Bohemia flag NR
New Bohemian Commonwealth
NBC flag NR
New Britannia Commonwealth
Flag of New Genoa NR
New Genoa Republic
New Macedon flag NR
New Macedon Nineworlds Republic
Nirissa flag NR
Nirissa Holdings
Democratic Republic of Russia flag-1-
Nizhniy Besovets Soyuz
Nordic flag NR
Nordic Crown Allegiance
Norvegr flag
Norvegr Hegemony
Normandy by xumarov-d4xnrnc-1-
Normandy Monarchy
Norway flag (MultiChronos)
Norwegian Coalition of Planets
Flag of Ural Republic-1-
Novgorod Principalities
Novorossiya flag NR
Novorossiya Empire of Planets
Flag of the europa confederacy by zifker-d4cxz5v
Nozainada Congregation
Nurhakhan flag NR
Nurhakhan Pride

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Occitania flag
Occitania Realms
Ochezrerian flag NR
Ochezrerian Expansion
Flag of the european federation by houseofhesse-d7a50rr
Odrubbalon Coordinate
Ireland British Fascist Flag Pax Columbia-1-
Oggomland Sodality
Okraesenid flag NR
Okraesenid Subjugate
Alternate flag of macedon by zalezsky-d376kyh-1-
Olmand Planetary Congress
Oprorus flag NR
Oprorus Stellar Union
Flag of united provences by zalezsky-d33q4jo-1-
Ora Signatorate
Fallout flag of the european commonwealth by okiir-d8x1geq-1-
Ordul Mercantile Concord
Kalmar republic by nanbanscribe43-d7dx5uh-1-
Ormano Stratocracy
Irish republic by nanbanscribe43-d7ywr3w-1-
Osas Stratocratic Federate
Poland-Lithuania Flag (WSMT)-1-
Osnon Governing Council
Osoje flag NR
Osoje Delegation
Osterscheid flag NR
Osterscheid Sovereign Republic
Ostmark flag NR
Ostmark Technate
Aufed flag
Otgrus Rule
Disaster at leuthen league of the rhine flag by rarayn-d4zpi0k
Othatish Regency
Flag of othirus NR
Othirus Sovereign Military Order
Otrommuris flag NR
Otrommuris Sovereign Domain
Ottoman flag (MultiChronos)
Ottoman Dominons

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Peloponnesian empire flag by rarayn-d4lt1mv
Peloponnese Interplanetary Union
Plaulustein Monarchist Bloc
Prussian stripe flag edited-1-
Pleiqoria Cryptocracy
Old russia by sapiento-1-
Pliarus Interstellar Concordium
Flag of Veliky Novgorod.svg
Plouce Democrative Republic
Kingdom of pomerania by deathpwnie-d5zcic5-1-
Pomerania Provisional Government
Portanda flag NR
Portanda Federal Union
Prannonia flag NR
Prannonia Horde
Prerafou flag NR
Prerafou Network
Pruinia flag
Pruinia Divisional Federation
Prussian flag
Prussian Empire
Kingdom of prussia by deathpwnie-d5zckm0-1-
Prussian Remnant

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Qagrasan flag NR
Qagrasan Magocratic Federation
Qaizzuteron flag NR
Qaizzuteron Federation of Empires
Qeoria flag NR
Qeoria People's Empire
Qeteon flag NR
Qeteon Democracy
Flag of Qionghai NR
Qionghai Legions
Qirko flag NR
Qirko Union
Qosrosian flag NR
Qosrosian Connection

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Racroya flag NR
Racroya Dominion
Raikya flag NR
Raikya Federation
Räpilinn flag NR
Räpilinn Empire
Gallia flag NR
Republic of Gallia
NovyiChernozemye Flag
Republic of Novyi Chernozemye
French flag (Republic) (MultiChronos)
Republique of France
Riihirava flag
Riihirava Dynasty
Rivierschaat flag NR
Rivierschaat Comitatus
Roalogne flag NR
Roalogne Resurrection
Romagna flag
Romagna Ducal Territories
Roman flag NR
Roman Republic
Roubonne Flag NR
Roubonne Empire
France flag (MultiChronos)
Royal Technate of France
Rubrelia flag
Rubrelia Sovereignty
Rulogalla flag NR
Rulogalla Legion
Russian flag (MultiChronos)
Russian Coalition
Flag of Slovakia (SM 3rd Power)
Ruthenia Corsairs

Flag Formal name Sovereign Title Class (power) Member of Dispute with
Sachstein flag NR
Sachstein Sector Alliance
Sacuria flag NR
Sacuria Empire
Sadrora flag NR
Sadrora Imperial Empire
Saethen flag NR
Saethen Empire
Saetopia flag NR
Saetopia Collective
Salarovsk flag NR
Salva flag NR
Sapmi flag
Sardina flag
Sarmatian flag NR
Sarmatian Commonwealth
Sasmaria flag NR
Sasmaria - Sasmaria Interstellar Concordium
Sastarina flag
Sastarina Empire
Kingdom of saxony by deathpwnie-d5zcjwz-1-
Saxony - Star Kingdom of Saxony
Scandinavian flag
Scandinavian Commondality
Schwarzenborn flag NR
Schwarzenborn Federation
Scoejutan flag NR
Scoejutan - Scoejutan Empire
Scotland flag NR
Selymbria flag NR
Seveshov flag NR
Sheoya flag NR
Sheoya Star Empire
Flag of shirid NR
Shoggorenth flag NR
Sicilies flag NR
Sicilies, Republic of Two
Siegding flag NR
Sitopia flag NR
Sitopia - Sitopia Federation
Slekha flag NR
Slekha - Slekha Imperium
Slavic flag NR
Slavic Imperial Federation
Skogarstrond flag
Skogarstrond Federal Union
Republic of cyprus by cybereaglewarrior-d5j8bfo-1-
Smiygro - Smiygro Republic
Smoijan flag NR
Smoijan - Smoijan Imperium
Dodecanesian republic by cybereaglewarrior-d5jdvic-1-
Sniajan - Sniajan Union
Sölveslänge flag NR
Sölveslänge Enlightened Confederation
Flag of peaslelon NR
Sovereign Peaslelon Federation
Flag of sowivaria NR
Sowivaria - Sowivaria Hegemony
Spanish flag
Spain - Spanish Empire
Balkan federation under bulgarian suzerainty by federalrepublic-d5oodcn-1-
Spararnand - Spararnand Freehold
Flag of Albion NR
Star Kingdom of Albion
Steenwaard flag NR
Sterian flag NR
Stihan flag NR
Stihan - Communal Stihan Alliance Of Nations
Straicor flag
Straicor - Straicor Combine
Svannerland confederation flag by rarayn-d3dtmls
Svannerland - Svannerland Confederation
Semnoni flag-1-
Sweabestan - Sweabestan Dominion
Sulosal flag NR
Sulosal - Sulosal Technate
Suomus flag
Suomus - Suomus Republic
Swabia flag
Swabia - Swabia Imperium
Taclary flag NR
Tartu flag NR
Tavirca flag NR
The knight s confederation by achaley-d8saggu-1-
Templar - Templar Confederation
Tentyra flag
Tentyra Dynasty
Northern Flag 4-1-
Teskaocor - Teskaocor Coalition
Teutonic flag
Teutonic - Interstellar Teutonic Concordium
Thezar flag NR
Thezar - Thezar Concordium
Tigalla flag NR
Tigalla - Tigalla Hierarchy
Toso Flag NR
Toso - Toso Confederation
Thoyocaea flag NR
Thoyocaea - Thoyocaea Union
Totahan flag NR
Totahan - Totahan Empire
Toutus flag NR
Toutus - Toutus Empire
Flag of Hungary-Serbia-1-
Transylvania - Transylvania Regime
Trearin flag NR
Trearin - Trearin Consortium
Triastein flag NR
Triastein - Triastein Commonwealth
Tsaria flag
Tsarian Tripartite Imperium
Tuba flag NR
Tuba - Tuba Combine
Roman republic by lscatilina-d4jvi6f
Turonio - Turonio Hegemony
Tyrol Flag
Tyrol Republic
Uakith flag NR
Uakith - Uakith Federation
Vela Eioneus
Flag of Ubapia NR
Ubapia Empire
Ucrington flag NR
Ucrington - Ucrington Interstellar Union
European Federation Flag by Nederbird-1-
Ufleau - Ufleau Legion
European assembly of nations ean by projectwarsword-d4srmcv-1-
Uheacuria - Uheacuria Federacy
Ugronad flag NR
Ugronad - Ugronad Empire
Confederation of borderlands by zalezsky-d2zqj77-1-
Ukraine - Confederation of New Ukraine
UKE - United Kingdoms of Europe
Modern Burgundy (Pax Columbia)-1-
Ulsa - Ulsa Grand Technate
Flag of Angazran NR
Union of Council Sovereign Angazran States
Unified Jubristan Federation of Free Systems
Kalmar flag
Unified Kalmar Alliance of Enlightenment
Kamasmos flag NR
Unified Kamasmos Federation of Glory
Alt byzantine flag by fenn o manic-d3gmllo-1-
Unified Nation of Kasmer
Altenhausen flag NR
United Altenhausen Core
Epril flag NR
United Epril Descendants
Flag of Eslijan NR
United Eslijan Federation of Species
Fleyyasil flag NR
United Free Fleyyasil Coalition
German flag (MultiChronos)
United German Confederation
Gordola flag (MultiChronos)
United Gordola Collective
Flag of itrentis NR
United Itrentis Federation
Jastrzyn flag NR
United Jastrzyn Federation
Flag of USGA
United States of Greater Austria
Varkola Alford flag
United Kingdoms of Varkola-Alford
Unterfahrenbach flag
Unterfahrenbach - Unterfahrenbach Dominion
Commonwealth flag
UPC - United Planetary Consortium
Bulgaria greece kingdom by dragonllabroe-d83vrtn.png
Uprana - Uprana Regime
Uprijan flag NR
Uprijan - Uprijan Interstellar Union
United kingdoms of scotland and france by nanbanscribe43-d7xh9xh-1-
Ursia Dynasty
Usand flag NR
Usand empire
Union of sovereign federal republics by drivanmoffitt-d5fjxh7
USE flag
USE - United States of Europe
Usmana flag NR
Usmana - Usmana Imperium
Uteth flag NR
Uteth Intersolar Commune
Azure flag
Utis Consortium
Varpiö flag NR
Valeruna flag NR
Velldrungen flag
Velldrungen Legacy
Venezia flag NR
Venezia, Grand Duchy
Viergneux flag NR
Vigueria flag NR
Visaventis flag NR
Vladuth flag NR
Flag of united balkans by captainvoda-d424q2i
Flag of the celtic union by imdeadpanda-d7r2rar
Voblon - Voblon Collective
Flag of atlantic kingdoms by followbywhiterabbit-d49u3ov
Vobria - Vobria Dominion
Vorid flag NR
Vorid - Vorid Protectorate
Hohenzollern romanian empire flag by rarayn-d48f2qr.png
Vostain - Vostain Star Empire
Vougalla flag NR
Vraebibia flag NR
Vraebibia - Vraebibia Republic
Vranovićg flag NR
Vranovićg - Vranovićg Collective
Vreakar flag NR
Vreakar - Vreakar Confederation
Flag of Vuborg NR
Waa Caelora flag NR
Waa Caelora
Wales flag NR
Wales Republic
Flag of wallonia NR
Wallonia Imperium
Walsert flag NR
Walsert Confederacy
Western european federation by caturday2-d52j1y2
WEF - Western European Federation
Weimar flag
Weimar - Weimar Star League
Welsh emipre flag by britannialoyalist-d8icfd3-1-
Welsh - Welsh Union
Alternate british flag by alternateflags-d7dblmj-1-
Welshpool - Welshpool Solidarity
Westbridge flag NR
Kingdom of westphalia by deathpwnie-d5zchvd-1-
Westphalia - Westphalia Union
Kingdom of hellas and serbia by lamnay-d4g9nyl
Wheaya - Wheaya Consortium
Whiovania flag NR
Whiovania - Whiovania Imperium
Britannia Flag
Worlds Imperium of Nova Britannia
Wrerith flag NR
Wreseon flag NR
Wreseon - Wreseon Empire
Wuskia flag NR
Wuskian Popular Republic
Flag of Chattia-1-
Wuswyae - Wuswyae Regime
Wuttemberg flag
Wuttemberg - Württemberg Federation
Xessoris flag NR
Xessoris Protectorates
Xilyra flag NR
Xilyra Monarchy
Rhine elbe federation flag by soaringaven-d5y9xv6-1-
Yateron Federation
Flag of Yeblait NR
Yeblait - Yeblait Empire
Yosan flag NR
Yosan - Yosan Affiliation
Yosceysal flag NR
Yosceysal - Yosceysal Republic
Youglina flag NR
Yuchiburg flag NR
Yugoslavia flag NR
Yunate flag NR
Yunate - Yunate Legion
Yuntis flag NR
Yuntis - Yuntis Technocracy
Zamid flag NR
Zamid - Zamid Directorate
Zapadoslavia flag NR
Zazutish flag NR
Zazutish - Zazutish League
Zeaniel flag NR
Zeaniel - Zeaniel Republic
Zhcted flag NR
Zhcted Imperium
Flag of the iberian empire by houseofhesse-d7dzn9b-1-
Zebia - Zebia Empire
Flag of zeclarus
Zeclarus - Zeclarus Commonwealth
Pan bulgarian flag by hosmich-d76u0ot-1-
Zeelation - Regency of the Zeelation Throne
Zucuria flag NR
Zucuria - Zucuria Empire