Federal Republic of Eanegr
Location of Eanegr (Black)
Location of Eanegr (Black)
and largest city
Ethnic groups Eanegri (85%), Negterran (10%), Rabdian and other non-Eanegris (5%)
Government Federal parliamentary republic
Kenan Enoshon
Nimrod Jarameh
• Independence
7 January 2260
• Current Constitution
8 January 2312
• Total
1,741,957 km2 (672,573 sq mi)
• 2314 estimate
GDP (PPP) 2310 estimate
• Total
$5,896 billion
• Per capita
Currency Southro (S) (SUR)
Calling code +525
Internet TLD .ea

Eanegr, officially the Federal Republic of Eanegr, is a country located in the east of Negterra island. It is bordered by Negterrania to the west and Ndezh Strait to the north. Eanegr has the longest coastline on the island's mainland, and its terrain consists mainly of plateaus, plains and highlands. Climatically, cold conditions prevail year-round.

Eanegr has a population of around 30 million. About 85% of residents are ethnic Eanegris, who have historically inhabited the southern part of the country. Ethnic minorities make up the remainder and are largely concentrated in the northern regions. The official languages of Eanegr are Strunum and Afrikaans. Most people in the country are Raaxii.

In antiquity, Eanegr was an important commercial centre. During the Middle Eras, several powerful Eanegri empires dominated the regional trade, including the Rulam Empire, the Esta Empire and the Rosoffi Empire.

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