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The East Mainland gubernatorial election of 2006 took place on March 17, simultaneously with the East Mainland legislative election, 2006. Governor of East Mainland Harold McClellan was defeated for the position by a former member of the Georgeland Senate, Hugh St. Clair.


The following candidates nominated for the position:

  • Incumbent Governor Harold McClellan
  • Hailey Forrest, former Olympic swimmer and human rights campaigner. Forrest, at the age of 36, would be the youngest Governor ever elected on the Mainland island.
  • Hugh St. Clair, former Independent Senator

Potential candidates[]

The following had been mentioned as potential Gubernatorial candidates but did not nominate for the Governor's office.

  • Diana Rothman, former Conservative member of the state legislature
  • David Brennan, current Deputy Chief Minister
  • David Mountjoy, East Mainland supreme court justice

East Mainland does not permit its gubernatorial candidates to run as members of political parties; therefore, the election will be fought between Independents, regardless of their political status.