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The East Mainland legislative election of 2006 took place on Friday, March 17. It took place concurrently with the East Mainland gubernatorial election, 2006. The result was inconclusive until the following Wednesday, when Conservative leader Lucien Hagerty made an agreement with the Georgeland Alliance to form a coalition government.

Parties, leaders and pre-election seats[]


The election will mostly be fought on the issue of privatisation of the state's power generation. Chief Minister Sales has been attempting to sell off the power plants since 2003, but the Greens, Socialists and Alliance all oppose the move. The Tories have committed to a sell-off only if endorsed by a majority in a state-wide referendum, and have promised to call such a vote if they win government.


  • November 2005: LDP 24%, Tory 35%, Alliance 6%, Green 8%, Other 27%
  • January 2005: LDP 28%, Tory 34%, Alliance 5%, Green 10%, Other 23%


  • Liberal Democrats - 40 seats
  • Conservatives - 50 seats
  • Georgeland Alliance - 8 seats
  • Greens - 7 seats
  • Socialists - 2 seats
  • Independents - 6 seats
  • National Front - 2 seats