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Echon is an Earth-like planet, created by Acorn The Rainwing.

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Echon formed in the Ralonrange System 11.2 Billion years ago, as a toxic and cold planet devoid of life. It had a large concentration of Dimethylsulfide (DMS for short), and exposure for up to 8 minutes could result in a painful death.

Burnean (-11.2 BYA - -9.7 BYA)


The alpha period in Echonian History was a short amount of time where the planet was a “Cold Hot Jupiter”, because the Dimethylsulfide reflected energy back to the star.


The Beta period in time was a violent era where the Gas Giants atmosphere was slowly ripped off of it, revealing a large waterworld with a near global ocean, and a few islands scattered about, resembling Laythe.

Edenean (-9.7 BYA - -7.2 BYA)


The gamma period when life first developed on Echon, through panspermia.


Delta was an era where multi-cellular life developed on Echon, creating many lush forests. No creatures developed at the time.

Magmean (-7.2 BYA - -6.9 BYA)


In Epsilion, the Star began to expand at the end of its life. Echon’s Ice Caps melted, creating a full global ocean, no land in sight.


During Zeta, a rouge planet entered the system, and Echon got captured as a moon around it. If this didnt happen, its quite likely that Echon would have been consumed by the death of its star.

Purgtorian (-6.9 BYA - -6.5 BYA)


The Eta eon was a time in history where Echon got a large global ice layer on top of its oceans, but retained a Sub-surface Ocean, allowing life to survive the period.


Theta was a time where life on Echon came so close to extinction, that just a few Prokaryotic Cells remained.

Frigozoic (-6.5 BYA - -4.5 BYA)

Age of Prokaryotes

The Age of Prokaryotes was a time in history where the Rouge Planet entered the still forming 14 Herculis system. Echon was entered into a “Golden orbit” by the dust and debris of the protoplanetary disk, which slowed it down using a system similar to Atmospheric Drag, while the rouge planet just absorbed the gases and flew out on a interstellar trajectory.

Age of Eukaryotes

The age of Eukaryotes was a special time where life took hold again on Echon, while 2 large moons formed around it, and things such as a Magnetic Field and Atmosphere were formed

Paleozoic (-4.5 BYA - -3.3 BYA)

Age of Coral

The age of coral was a time where Multi-Celluar life was re-formed on Echon, while the ice receded and islands reappeared for the first time in billions of years.

Age of Fishes

Fishes and moss begin to appear around Echon during this time, colonizing the land and generating O2.

Carboniferous (-3.3 BYA - -2.1 BYA)

Age of Plants

The Age of Plants was a time where Plants begin to appear on Echon, evolving the distinctive Greenish-Yellow color found there.

Age of Trees

During the Age of Trees, Large plants began to interact with the small creatures colonizing the land at the time, creating thick nutrient-rich skins so the creatures would… “Relocate” the seeds (this is a “fancy” way to say that they evolved fruit).

Mesozoic (-2.1 BYA - -1.5 MYA)

Age of Reptiles

During this time, scaled reptiles evolved and created small tunnel systems to get around the planet. They also evolved the Photosynthetic Scales seen on Northtons. Flying Animals also evolved around this time.

Age of Critters

Small Creatures swarm the planet by now, with giant towering trees and large communities of creatures and plants found everwhere. A shelled reptile also began evolving a larger brain to make hunting prey easier…

Northozoic (-1.5 MYA - Present)

In the Northozoic, A speices called Trioceros-Chelonia Captiosus came out of the forest and formed small communities of hunting partners. These began to live in tunnel networks to survive, creating inter-connected communites, and started to invent and tinker around with different items, creating new strategies and tools.

Tribal Era

The intelligent creatures formed tribes in different clearings in the hilly forests of Echon. They began to have small feasts with eachother, and forged alliances. They would also create walls around the tribes and paths, to make their communites more secure. Eventually they began exploring the mountains, and explored the surrounding areas with small groups. Finally, they began to contruct large cities using forged metals, and began to further their technology.

Civilization Era

Eventually, they created the first city, Ionis, in a small mountain plateau. They quickly developed new technology, such as Gunpowder and Buildings. They quickly organized into countries, and began to attack eachother. Two major nations emerged: Sodes and Ulori.













Tranquillity International Zone




North Halon

South Halon


Goldayn Island





The main governments of Echon are democracies, with the sole exeptions of the Polar Reigons and Tranquillity Interspeices Area. The governments are mainly there for military operations, while most other decisions are done by randomly selected individuals or a vote from the entire population.


Echon surprisingly doesn’t have many political debates or disputes, despite its large population. This is most likely because Northtons are very emotional (they will literally act like they killed millions of people if they squash a bug), which makes them quite unified and decisive on most decisions.


The majority of Northtons are Atheist, because they never experienced any sort of religious phenomenon or event. This has just made the relationship between them and the Firon.