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Edistel has a population of 1,100, most of them farmers of various sorts or having to do with livestock at any rate. It is also a commercial hub for the villages up- and downstream.

The settlement isn't particularly outstanding, appearing rather homely and featuring only a couple of guard towers and no curtain walls of any sort. The Lord of Edistel has imposed low taxes on the productivity of the settlement and as a result has too little money to support a full-fledged town wall. Edistel has a little port for resource and personnel transportation downstream along the adjacent river.

A significant portion of Edistel's agricultural areas are vineyards, where herbs are collected or grown and used together with grapes to create magically potent liquors.

The town is well known for its variety and excellence of horses. A variety of domesticated horses are taken care of, fed and trained in Edistel's many stables, and then sold; this is Edistel's number one business. Because of the high degree of competition, the horses of Edistel are very good for all kinds of purposes, as war horses especially, and as such fetch a high price. Those with the money often come to Edistel to buy the best horses they can afford; these prize animals are then often used in horse races, war and the such.

As outlanders often claim that their horses are superior, Edistel has always been the site of contention about just whose horses are the best. This has led to the development of a horse-racing arena, a very large circuit with overlooking platforms where people congregate regularly to bet on whose horses are the best. This is a source of weekly, or even nightly, entertainment. The Edistel horse race is the most famous in the land and wealthy people looking for a thrill come from the world over to enter into these competitions; when such new arrivals arrive, the citizens of Edistel know that interesting matches are about to start up once again. Once a year, the Lord of Edistel hosts a grand horse-racing competition; people interested in horses flock to Edistel at that time for the ultimate contest. The winner receives a much-coveted reward: the opportunity to place his name, and that of his horse, onto the plaque of the main horse-racing statue overlooking the arena.