Eerie Language
Eerie EphEerie EphEerie RehEerie IhhEerie Eph  Eerie LehEerie AhEerie Njeh  Eerie UehEerie Ah
Eerie Langua
Eerie Langua
Spoken in
Date created 430-450 CE
Ethnicity Libertan
Language family
  • Eerie Language
Writing system Eerie Alphabet
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Eerie, (Eerie: Eerie EphEerie EphEerie RehEerie IhhEerie Eph  Eerie LehEerie AhEerie Njeh  Eerie UehEerie Ah; Romanized: "Eerie Langua") Sermo or Oratio is an artificial language originating from Liberta, estimated to have been constructed sometime between 430-450 CE. Eerie is primarily spoken in Liberta, where it is recognized as a national language. Around 30 percent of Libertans can fluently speak Eerie, however many see no use in learning a second language only indigenous to one country. Eerie was created between 430 and 450 CE, with the purpose of uniting different cultures in Liberta, it is commonly believed that the creation was encouraged by the current potissimuses of the time, to create an ideology of Libertan identity. Its use in the 20th and 21st century has shifted towards being associated with the Order of The Holy Awakening Movement, as the Order's official language is Eerie. The Order has been using the language since the creation by Curculio Crescentius (Eerie CehEerie UehEerie RehEerie CehEerie UehEerie LehEerie IhhEerie Oeh  Eerie CehEerie RehEerie EphEerie SehEerie CehEerie EphEerie NjehEerie ThefEerie IhhEerie UehEerie Seh), however, the use of the language has been a center of attention since the significant growth of the Order in the late 1950's. 

While the use of Eerie declined after the switch to English, Eerie still remains a national language in Liberta. Eerie is frequently used in Septentrio, the headquarters of the Order as well as in the district Vetus Oppidum. While being frequently used in these districts, Eerie has not seen significant usage in other parts of Liberta, this further alienates the usage of Eerie on a day-to-day basis. While having official recognition by the Libertan state, Eerie is commonly not used by the State itself, partially because of the limited usage of Eerie. The Bureau of Eerie Regulation (Eerie Eph  Eerie HehEerie EphEerie NjehEerie DehEerie EphEerie IhhEerie Thef  Eerie EphEerie Ceh  Eerie EphEerie EphEerie RehEerie IhhEerie Eph) regulates and oversees the language, and as an official body of Government, it is funded with taxes from Septentrio and Vetus Oppidum.

Linguistic Construction

Eerie uses an alphabet to represent different phonemes, the alphabet contains 19 characters which were created with no specific aspect. Linguists have been unable to link similarities with the characters to no other language, therefore inspiration is unknown. While using Latin letters is possible with Eerie, it's not preferred and is often only used as an introduction to people learning Eerie. Each letter represents a sound.

Eerie Ah
Eerie Dje
Eerie Ceh
Eerie Deh
Eerie Eph
Eerie Eph (small)
Eerie Heh
Eerie Ihh
Eerie Leh
Eerie Meh
Eerie Njeh
Eerie Oeh
Eerie Peh
Eerie Reh
Eerie Seh
Eerie Thef
Eerie Ueh
Eerie Ujuh

Perso-Arabic Script

Eerie Letter Perso-Arabic Letter
Eerie Ah ا
Eerie Dje ب
Eerie Ceh ک
Eerie Deh د
Eerie Eph ە
Eerie Eph (small) ف
Eerie Heh ھ
Eerie Ihh اِ
Eerie Leh ل
Eerie Lehم م
Eerie Njeh ن
Eerie Oeh ۇ
Eerie Peh پ
Eerie Reh ر
Eerie Seh س
Eerie Thef ت
Eerie Ueh ې
Eerie Ujuh ڤ
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