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Physical Traits[]

Due to her Vampire-Human heritage, Elanā grew up slowly, reaching the biological age of 19 at the age of 33, and she completely stopped aging two years later. She has minor alchemy skills, but her magical abilities placed her near the top of magicians in the Selea Republic.


Early Life[]

Elanā was born to a Human mother in the Selean city of Kanchome on 12 Latcharion 1497. She was an only child. Her father, a Vampire, died when she was only 2 months old. She had a fairly average childhood. Despite getting average grades in school, she managed to get a position in the Selea National Library.

Early Career[]

Elanā began her career in the Selea National Library as copier for new entries. She blossomed in the Library, and she was soon promoted to the Castle Branch manager. There she met the crown prince Kito Aesiri, and the two began a relationship. She gave birth to Gino Shotze in Fenrarion 1552, and she turned him over to Queen Evana to raise as a minor member of the royal family.

Purist Rebellion[]

Elanā was present during the opening battle of the Purist Rebellion. She sustained minor injuries during the destruction of the Castle Branch, though she managed to save the original journals of Haou Aesiri.


On 15 Fenrarion 1554, Elanā escaped from Purist custody after three weeks. She encountered Lelani and regained her memories. Lelani fatally wounded Elanā. Elenā managed to tell Kito of Lelani's betrayal before dying of her wounds. She was buried at Sati Hael, near the Temple of Lacus.