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Kingdom of Elenlaurnia[]

The Kingdom of Elenlaurnia is a small country that lies on the shores of the Western Ocean. The country is described as a realm of man, with its large human population. The country has an elective monarchy, in which the noblemen of the realm vote for a king from among thier own. The

The Kingdom of Elenlaurnia is a large realm on the continent of Aeolia with a majority human population. Elenlaurnia was an realm of men in Aeolia in the Third age.

Its capital was Forest Bridge.

The only towers that werent conquered are Tir Lun and Tir Nolar


The first monarch to rule the region was King Elengal I,

The first monarch that would rule over their


First Kings[]

Elengal I.

Elenlun I. and Elennol I.Ruled cuurrently as well as

Elenwe I. and Aunlun I. son of Elennol

Other Early Kings[]

Aungal I.


Elentíl I.

Elenthív I.

Elenwe II.

Elven King[]


Vala ír kings[]

Aurwe I. and Valahítharyas

Valahír I.

Vanardil I.

Valahír II.

Valahír III.

Age of Conquests[]

Arnowe I.

Elenwe III.

Aeolun I.

Valahír IV.

Arnowe II.

Arthív I.

Arthíl I

Valahír V.

Ages of Collapse[]

Enetíl II.

Arazôr I.

Arazcwyne married king of Arxiyenia Arthív II.

Kings of ForestBridge[]

Enentíl III.

Enenthív II.


The Kings of the second Kingdom[]

Elenwe VII. married Valahíthra

Enengal II. married Nolania

Enenthív V.