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Embassy of Heigard in New Cambria
Embassy of Heigard in Arvant
Location Government Quarter, Arvant
Address 710 DeWinter St
Arvant, St. George's County
New Cambria
Ambassador Walther Meukervan

The Embassy of Heigard in Arvant is Heigard's diplomatic mission to New Cambria. It is located in the Government Quarter neighborhood, near Arvant's central business district. Opened in 1997, the Heigardian Embassy occupies the building formerly occupied by the Irish embassy, which vacated the site due to demands for greater space.

Located at 710 DeWinter Street in Arvant, the Heigardian embassy is located adjacent to the French and Canadian embassies, and across the street from the Norwegian embassy. The current Heigardian Ambassador to New Cambria is Walther Meukervan.

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