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Ivalician Embassy in Heigard
Ivalician Embassy
Location Creburg
Address 44 Avenue Charlemagne
Bertrand arrondissement
Ambassador Morris Stanton

The Ivalician Embassy in Heigard is the main diplomatic mission of Ivalice to Heigard. It's located at 44 Avenue Charlemagne in the Bertrand arrondissement. It also serves as the residence of the ambassador.

The building was owned by the son of Jason Courtenay until 1911 when it was confiscated by the National Bank after discovering he was involved in tax evasion, with a debt of Ħ.150,000,000 (approx. modern $3,000,000). The property was unsuccesfully taken to auctions eleven times. In 1939 the Federal government of Ivalice purchased the property and established the representation of its country in Heigard, during a bloom of diplomatic relations between Heigard and America. It was ordered as an official embassy in 1941.

It currently employs 70 Ivalice-based diplomats and 150 locally hired staff, being one of the largest embassies in the country.

The current ambassador is Morris Stanton.