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Flag - Drake Islands Drakian Embassy in
Drake Islands Embassy in Koiwai
Location Koiwai
Address 1372 Edison Boulevard SW, Koiwai
Ambassador Diane Walters

The Drakian Embassy in Koiwai is the Drake Islands's diplomatic mission to Ivalice. It is located at 1372 Edison Boulevard, Koiwai, near the center of Embassy Row.

The embassy is relatively new, built in 2002, after the Drakian Ambassador's staff in Ivalice cited a need for expansion. The old building, located six blocks east, now houses commercial offices and street-level retail.

The embassy is one of the largest in Koiwai, employing over three hundred total staff and diplomats. The current ambassador is Diane Walters, who was appointed in 2010.


The embassy also operates various Consulates-General throughout Ivalice: