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Spanish Islands Spanillian Embassy in
Spanillian Embassy Koiwai
Location Foundersville
Address 1678 Diplomacy Side Avenue, Foundersville
Ambassador Telo Asprilla

The Spanillian Embassy in Foundersville is the Kingdom of the Spanish Islands' diplomatic mission to the Kingdom of Washingtonia. It's located at 1678 Diplomacy Side, Foundersville. The current ambassador is Telo Asprilla.


The Spanillian Embassy is supported by one consulate, located in Dandridge. The Spanillian Embassy provides a point of contact for Spanillian citizens and expatriates living, working or vacationing in Washingtonia. It also handles visa applications for Washingtonians wishing to travel to the Spanish Islands. The embassy is headed by Telo Asprilla, the current Ambassador of the Spanish Islands to Washingtonia. The Ambassador is responsible for the majority of diplomatic conducted between the two countries and represents his country throughout Washingtonia through activities such as attending events at academic institutions.

Building and Layout[]

The building is a medium-sized modernist structure, notably made of glass. The structure is located in a small park, which includes a parking lot which can host up to 30 vehicles, and three handicap parking zones. The plot is classified as Spanillian soil, therefore, many signs outside are both in English and Spanish. The building itself is made up of:

File:Spanillian Embassy in Koiway Layout.png

The floor plan.

Ground Floor

  • Large lobby at the entrance, with five reception desks.
    • A small restroom in the lobby.
  • Ambassador's office.
    • Ambassador's waiting lounge and secretary's desk.
  • 10 Normal offices.
    • One hallway connecting all of them.
    • Two separate small restrooms.
  • Security office housing up to six Spanillian soldiers.
    • Holding cell for Spanillian citizens being deported for large crimes.
  • Storage room.
  • Staff lounge.
  • Three rooms equipped with beds and basic necessities.
  • Small fireproof safe-room.

Second Floor

  • Medium waiting lounge with one reception desk.
    • Small restroom.
  • Large medical ward and first aid station.
  • Spanillian Foreign Legion in Washingtonia, commanding officer's office.
  • Medium kitchen.
    • Cafeteria which could hold up to 10 people.

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