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Emperor of Paradise Island
French: Empereur de Paradise Island
Latin: Imperator Paradisus Insula
Galactic Emperor of Paradise Island
French: Empereur Galactique de Paradise Island
Latin: Imperator Galacticum Paradisus Insula
Coat of Arms of the Empire of Paradise Island.png
Imperial Coat of Arms of Paradise Island
Standard of Emperor of Paradise Island.png
Imperial Standard of the Emperor
Emperor Alexander of Paradise Island.png
Alexander I

since May 18, 1983
Paradise Island Imperial Government
Office of the Emperor
Style His Imperial and Most Christian Majesty (formal and international)
His Imperial Majesty (formal; international and national)
His Majesty (formal and national)
Mr. Emperor (common and national)
Type Head of state
Head of government
(Absolute monarch)
Member of Imperial Grand Council
Imperial Cabinet
Residence Forbidden City
Seat Paradise City
Appointer Hereditary (de jure)
Divine right (de facto)
Term length For life
Constituting instrument Constitution of the Empire of Paradise Island
Formation May 18, 1983
First holder Alexander I

The Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Empereur de Paradise Island; Latin: Imperator Paradisus Insula) and after World War III earned the de facto title of Galactic Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Empereur Galactique de Paradise Island; Latin: Imperator Galacticum Paradisus Insula) is the monarch of the Empire of Paradise Island and the supreme leader over Paradise Island and the government as an absolute monarch. The Emperor of Paradise Island is also called the Islandese Emperor and Emperor of the Islandese, the title is owned by Alexander I of the House of Poivre, the current ruling Imperial dynasty of Paradise Island. The Emperor has absolute and unlimited executive, legislative and judicial powers concentrated in his hands. Ruling through benevolence and respect to his people the Islandese.

In formal policy and diplomacy, the Emperor is primus inter pares or first among equals among Islandese subjects and Heads of State across the world thus its form of government is Primus Inter Pares Absolutism or Primus Inter Pares Autocracy. The Emperor is widely perceived to rule by divine right and most Islandese view the Emperor as the Son of God on Earth, the Vicar of Christ and the omnipotent incarnation of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


The official name of the title is Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Empereur de Paradise Island; Latin: Imperator Paradisus Insula), but he is also referred to as the Emperor of the Islandese or simply the Islandese Emperor (French: Empereur des Islandais or Empereur Islandais; Latin: Imperator Islandum)


The Emperor of Paradise Island received many aliases throughout his existence. These aliases:

  • Galactic Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Empereur Galactique de Paradise Island; Latin: Imperator Galacticum Paradisus Insula)
  • Latin Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Empereur Latin de Paradise Island; Latin: Imperator Latinorum Paradisus Insula)
  • Holy Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Saint Empereur de Paradise Island; Latin: Imperator Sacrum Paradisus Insula)
  • French Emperor (French: Empereur Français)
  • Heavenly Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Empereur Céleste de Paradise Island; Chinese: 樂園島天皇 Lèyuán Dǎo Tiānhuáng; Japanese: 楽園島天皇 Rakuen Shima Tennō)
  • Restored Roman Emperor (French: Empereur Romain Restauré; Latin: Imperator Romanum Restaurata)
  • Galactic Emperor (French: Empereur Galactique)
  • Emperor and Autocrat of Paradise Island (French: Empereur et Autocrate de Paradise Island)
  • Universal Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Empereur Universel de Paradise Island)
  • Grand Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Grand Empereur de Paradise Island)
  • Most Catholic Emperor of Paradise Island (French: Empereur Très Catholique de Paradise Island; Latin: Imperator Catholicissimus Paradisus Insula)


Pre-World War III Era


During the Republic

Before the rise of the Empire, the Republic of Paradise Island (simply known as Islandese Republic) was founded in 1975 (BRA 8) after the fall of the Confederacy of Paradise Island by the execution of the Confederacy Council members by the Republicans who led the Islandese Revolution supported by the United States and the United Kingdom (who were Confederacy of Paradise Island's potential enemies). The Revolutionary Army led a desperate fight against the Islandese Confederate Army, like during the Battle of Paradise City and the siege of the Confederate Palace (now turned into the Presidential Palace and later and currently the Imperial Palace of the Emperor of Paradise Island). After 8 months of fighting, the Confederates surrendered and were executed for crimes against humanity, denial of rights and no respect of equality of races and sexes.

They proclaimed the Republic of Paradise Island, and lead a series of reforms as guaranteeing the civil rights and civil liberties and the beginning of reparation of the capital. In September 3, 1976 (BRA 7), the National Convention organised a reunion about the establishment of a constitution. The Constitution of the Republic of Paradise Island (also the Constitution of the Islandese Republic) was signed and enacted with a President of the Republic as head of state and head of government and owner of the executive power with a benevolent military government. The Republic of Paradise Island established multiple alliances like with the United States and the United Kingdom who were its supporters and now allies. The Republic send an Islandese Expeditionary Force to the Vietnam War supporting the Americans and South Vietnam against the North Vietnam due of the strong presence of Anti-Communism in Paradise Island, but were departed due of the defeat of the Americans and the decisive victory of North Vietnam that actually led the reunification and the formation, in current days, of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam. The Islandese Republic suffered a Communist uprising, but again supported by the United States and the United Kingdom against the Islandese Communists supported by the East European Communist countries and supported by North Korea in secret.

Political Crisis

In 1980 (BRA 3), Paradise Island faced a political crisis due of the incompetence of the Government of the Republic of maintaining order, justice and stability, the growing racist and communist movements and in the threat of a coup d'état or a civil war. Two months of the same year, a brilliant Egalitarian politician, a charismatic man of peace and a great admirer of Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander Pepper, won the election with success and demand that he should exercise executive and legislative powers. He led a series of arrest of racist and communist followers, and the establishment of a strong and autocratic benevolent military dictatorship under his presidency. In August 2, 1981 (BRA 2) The Islandese people, and the Senate proclaim Alexander Pepper President for Life and protector of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity of our Paradise. Alexander Pepper was venerated through a cult of personality for heroic actions like saving Paradise Island from of a upcoming civil war and portraying him in similar fashion of Kim-Il Sung, but he stated that he's not a Communist and actually extremely anti-Communist as he's an United States supporter.

Rise of the Empire

In May 18, 1983 (BRA 0), Alexander Pepper led a great speech after the event a group of Sith Cultists attempting of overthrowing him but he defeated them after revealing to them that he's a all-powerful Force-user and strongly skilled in Lightsaber combat, declaring that in order to ensure the security, the continuing stability and protection of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity and that the Republic will be reorganized into the Empire of Paradise Island for a safe paradise, protecting liberty and securing their society and was proclaimed by the Senate in full of cheer and officially crowned in December 2 of the same year as Emperor of Paradise Island.

Empire of Paradise Island as Universal protector

The Empire of Paradise Island under the incredible leadership of Emperor Alexander became a series of fighting against minor wars across the world by supporting the factions only if they are interesting on goodness, benevolence, equality and respect, helping them defeating their main enemies. The Empire of Paradise Island became more and more popular around the world for his heroic actions of maintaining the world safe from terrorists and criminals. Suddenly the entire world proclaims the Empire of Paradise Island as the rightful international peacekeeping government due of the incompetence of the United Nations having no military force as Emperor Alexander described it as the Second League of Nations who again like the First League of Nations have failed of maintaining peace and stability around the world and never have a military force, but due of the benevolence of Emperor Alexander, he decided to give the United Nations a chance under his advice and honorary leadership.

World War III Era

A declaration of war

With conflict rising between the Restored Empire and the Resistance with Empire of Paradise Island's help, the government of the New Republic under Chancellor Lanever Villecham chose to focus more on trade relations with neutral nations on Earth and neutral regions of the galaxy such as the Trans-Hydian Borderlands, unaware of the actual danger that they were in. In 1984 (1 ARA), the Restored Empire, long hidden away in the shadows of the Unknown Regions, used a nuclear-like Omega Missile to destroy New York City where the United Nations Headquarters were located, resulting in the outbreak of World War III. The New Republic, after the incident, was forced to join forces with the Empire of Paradise Island, which they were also at war with the Restored Empire after the incident.

Response to the New York Incident

In the immediate aftermath of the New York Incident, a battle broke out between the Axis Coalition and the Grand Alliance at pirate queen Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana. The Restored Empire attacked the castle to capture BB-8 while the Allies sought to retrieve him. The short battle resulted in an Allied victory with BB-8 being reclaimed, but Alexander, who, with the help of ex-stormtrooper Finn, had saved BB-8 on Jakku, was captured by Snoke II and Kanata's castle was destroyed. Once back at the Alliance base on D'Qar, the Allies formulated a plan to attack the Restored Empire's Starkiller Base before it could launch another Omega Missile. They launched a successful assault on Starkiller Base, destroying the military factory and dealing a significant blow to the new war machine engineered by the Restored Empire.

Open warfare had begun. But there was hope for the Alliance: using archival data inside the droid R2-D2 and the portion of the map the droid BB-8 had, they were able to complete the map to Skywalker. With this information, General Organa sent Emperor Alexander to Ahch-To to find Luke.

Despite the devastating loss of Starkiller Base, the Restored Empire stood ready to begin its campaign of conquest of the world and the known galaxy from the Unknown Regions. Alexander told Luke after finding the Jedi that all the major systems would fall within weeks to the Restored Empire and its allies. Eventually, the Restored Empire achieved enough victories that Emperor Snoke, long hidden away aboard his flagship, the Supremacy, in the Unknown Regions, decided to risk coming out of the shadows to personally lead the Restored Empire to potential dominance over the Alliance.


Trapping the Allies

As Emperor Alexander Snoke deployed his legions to seize military control of the galaxy, General Armitage Hux led a fleet of the Restored Empire Navy to D'Qar, where the Resistance was evacuating its base. General Hux's fleet intercepted the fleeing Allied fleet above the planet. His Star Destroyers and TIE fighters were accompanied by a Siege Dreadnought commanded by Captain Moden Canady, a veteran of the Coruscant Galactic Empire. The Siege Dreadnought used its two orbital autocannons to obliterate the Allied base on the planet surface, though all of its personnel had evacuated. Meanwhile, Wing Commander Poe Dameron flew his Black One X-wing fighter to the Restored Empire Dreadnought with his upgraded engine, kicking it into high speed. He took out the dreadnought's defensive turbolaser emplacements, all the while evading TIE fighters, while his astromech droid BB-8 repaired his starfighter. With the Allied forces now joined with their fleet, General Leia Organa ordered Dameron to disengage, but he disobeyed, seeing an opportunity to take out a Restored Empire Dreadnought. Dameron's actions created an opening for MG-100 StarFortress SF-17 bombers to unleash payloads on the Restored Empire Dreadnought, accompanied by Blue Leader Tallissan Lintra and her escort starfighters. However, all of the Allied bombers were destroyed, save for one where Paige Tico served as gunner. With the rest of the crew dead and with herself injured, Paige unleashed the payload on the Restored Empire Dreadnought, creating a chain reaction of explosions that ultimately consumed her and her ship. Nonetheless, her sacrifice allowed the Allied pilots to return to their fleet and jump into hyperspace. However, because of his rash and dangerous actions, and because that stunt killed many much needed Resistance pilots, Organa demoted Dameron to Captain.

Following the evacuation, the Colossus arrived and found debris left from both the Allies and Restored Empire forces during the battle. The Allied operatives and the Warbird gang found the Fulminatrix's coaxium and escaped before a Restored Empire Star Destroyer arrived.

Attacking the fleet

General Hux was reprimanded by Emperor Snoke for his repeated failure, after he made contact with Snoke aboard the Supremacy, the flagship of the shadowy Emperor. Hux revealed his plan to track the Allied fleet through hyperspace using new technology, which was done through the Supremacy. When the Allied fleet exited hyperspace in the Oetchi system, Hux's fleet arrived, reinforced by the Supremacy itself, which opened a barrage of fire on the Allied cruisers. The attack on the Allied fleet by the Restored Empire ultimately cornered the fleeing Allies, as it was unable to jump into hyperspace again without burning all of the fleet's remaining fuel, which would be meaningless since the Restored Empire would track them anyway, wherever they would go. Snoke II and three wingmen engaged in strafing runs on the Resistance flagship Raddus, destroying its hangar and burning away most of the Resistance Starfighter Corps. Snoke II was able to destroy the bridge of the Raddus, with General Leia Organa and Admiral Gial Ackbar on board. General Organa was able to use the Force to survive, but was in critical condition when the Allies recovered her. The chain of command passed down to Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo, an old friend and student of Organa. Dameron came into conflict with the Vice Admiral; as the new leader of the Allied fleet, Holdo was disinclined to reveal her strategy to the demoted pilot.

Mission to Canto Bight

While attempting to desert the Raddus, stormtrooper defector Finn, who, along with Poe Dameron, Emperor Alexander, Han Solo, and Chewbacca, had been instrumental in destroying Starkiller Base, was caught by mechanic Rose Tico. Rose initially intended to hand him over to custody for attempting desertion, but when Finn revealed to her that they were being tracked through hyperspace, a new and foreign technology, she devised a plan to destroy its source. Finn and Rose proposed this to Poe, who informally approved of it. They reached out to Maz Kanata, who directed them to find a Master Codebreaker on the casino city Canto Bight on Cantonica. Finn, Rose, and BB-8 thus undertook a secret mission to Canto Bight, but were arrested by local police officers for illegal parking on a public beach. In their cell, they met the mysterious slicer DJ, who opened the cell's doors through his own skill in code breaking. They evaded Canto Bight police as they rode fathiers through the city. When they found themselves trapped on a cliff, DJ and BB-8 arrived in a stolen ship, whose arms dealer had sold both to the Restored Empire and the Allies, as did most of the greedy, ultra-rich residents of and travelers to Canto Bight.

Seeking to buy time for Finn and Rose's mission, Poe went on to attempt a mutiny against Holdo when he discovered that she aimed to abandon the Raddus, relieving her of her command and seizing the bridge. However, he was ultimately stunned by a reawakened Leia. He and the rest of the mutineers, including Lieutenant Kaydel Ko Connix, were arrested and loaded onto the U-55 orbital loadlifter transports. Admiral Holdo decided to remain behind in order to pilot the Raddus.

Fighting on the Supremacy

Finn, Tico, DJ, and BB-8 jumped to hyperspace and arrived in the Crait system, where DJ snuck them aboard the Supremacy, disguised in Restored Empire officer uniforms. BB-8, who was covered by a box, was identified by the Restored Empire droid BB-9E, who proceeded to alert the Restored Empire of their presence. DJ managed to slice into the room where the hyperspace tracker was stored, but the three were caught by Restored Empire Security Bureau officer Ansiv Garmuth and a group of stormtroopers. The stormtroopers took Finn and Tico before General Hux. General Hux gave full payment to DJ, who revealed that he had betrayed the Allies by revealing that their transport ships were discreetly fleeing to the mineral salt world of Crait. General Hux ordered for the Supremacy to open fire on the Allied transports, while two stormtrooper executioners were brought forward to execute Finn and Tico by beheading for treason.

Meanwhile, Emperor Alexander, who had been training with Luke Skywalker, the last Jedi and twin brother of General Leia Organa, arrived aboard the Supremacy, where he was greeted by Snoke II. Snoke II had two stormtroopers place Alexander in handcuffs, and then brought him before his father and dark side master, Emperor Snoke, who was seated upon his throne and flanked by his eight Elite Praetorian Guard in his throne room. Snoke revealed that he bridged Alexander's mind in order to draw him out, and proceeded to mentally torture him for the location of Luke Skywalker. Once he found Luke's location and revealed his intention to obliterate the entire temple island, Alexander reacted by attempting to grab his lightsaber, though Snoke held on to it. He showed him to an oculus viewing scope, where he was made to watch as the Supremacy destroyed the Allied transports one by one. He used the Force to grab Snoke II's lightsaber and charged Snoke, but he threw him once more across the room to Snoke II and sentenced him to death at Snoke II's hand for having the spirit of a true Jedi (though he can't be dead due of his divinity). As Snoke II reached for his lightsaber and picked it up, Snoke taunted Alexander for believing he could turn his son. The overconfident Snoke watched Snoke II's mind as he readied the lightsaber to strike down his true enemy, unaware that he himself was, in fact, Snoke II's true enemy. Snoke II used the Force to subtly turn Emperor Alexander's lightsaber and sliced through Snoke, cutting the dark side Emperor in half and releasing Alexander from his grip.

Alexander stood, taking his lightsaber while Snoke II activated his as they were surrounded by the eight Elite Praetorian Guard, ready to avenge the Emperor. The two warriors engaged in a brutal melee with Snoke's guards, and ultimately overcame them, working together to kill them one by one until the last fell when Alexander threw his lightsaber to Snoke II, allowing him to stab the guardsman through his eye. Alexander, urged Snoke II to order the Restored Empire to stop firing on the Allied fleet, but Snoke II instead had his eyes on Snoke's corpse. He turned to Alexander and urged him to let go of the past: Snoke, Skywalker, the Sith, the Jedi, the rebels, all of it. He sought to build a new order for the galaxy with Alexander by his side, but Alexander refused and instead reached for his lightsaber. The two used the Force to fight for it, ultimately causing it to snap in half and explode, the resulting shockwave pushing them back.

With the Supremacy opening fire on the transports, Admiral Holdo, still on board the Raddus, acted quickly. Taking control of the heavy cruiser, she re-positioned the starship towards the Supremacy and its escort Star Destroyers and jumped into hyperspace, slicing through the Supremacy in half and at least twenty Star Destroyers, sacrificing herself. The distraction and resulting chaos saved Finn and Tico from execution and allowed Alexander to escape aboard Snoke's escape craft and rendezvous with Chewbacca, R2-D2, Nami, Nico Robin, Boa Hancock and Wonder Woman, and the Millennium Falcon. BB-8 hijacked a Restored Empire AT-ST walker and began open firing on stormtroopers. Finn and Tico escaped on BB-8's hijacked AT-ST and reached a transport shuttle, taking flight to Crait.

When Hux entered the Emperor's throne room, he found the corpses of Snoke and his Elite Praetorian Guard, as well as Snoke II lying on the ground, unconscious. Hux reached for his blaster pistol to kill his rival, but Snoke II regained consciousness before Hux could do so. Snoke II told Hux that it was Alexander who had killed his father, and ordered him to ready their forces, which were relatively unscathed, to march on Crait. An angered Hux questioned Snoke II's authority to command him and was still reeling from shock that their Emperor was dead, but Snoke II Force choked the general into obedience, allowing Snoke II to usurp the title of Emperor for himself.

The Alliance's stand at Crait

Allied forces regrouped in an abandoned base from the days of the Rebellion on the salt mineral world of Crait, protected by several outposts and a massive door, and dug in trenches where Allied troopers held their ground. Emperor Snoke II took personal command of the Battle of Crait himself from his command shuttle alongside General Hux. The Restored Empire deployed TIE fighters, AT-M6 walkers, and AT-AT walkers to escort their superlaser siege cannon, hauled across the salty dunes by All Terrain Heavy Haulers. In response, Allied troopers opened fire while surviving Allied pilots and other fighters piloted rebel V-4X-D ski speeders salvaged from the abandoned base, among them Poe, Finn, and Rose. TIE fighters were able to take out several ski speeders but were drawn away when the Millennium Falcon arrived, piloted by Chewbacca and gunned by Alexander and Nami. Nevertheless, the ski speeders were unable to reach the superlaser siege cannon on time and were ordered by Poe to fall back. Finn attempted to fly straight into the siege cannon before it could fire to stop it, but Rose stopped him from sacrificing himself by crashing into him, later justifying that they would win the war not by fighting the things they hate, but by saving the things that they love. Finn soon returned to the base dragging along an unconscious Rose.

The surviving Allied troops fell back to the base, which had a new opening as the superlaser siege cannon fired on it. With their allies in the Outer Rim not responding, the few remaining Allied forces were demoralized, among them General Leia Organa, who declared that Earth and the galaxy have lost all hope. However, in that moment, the long lost Jedi Master, Luke Skywalker, twin brother of General Organa, suddenly arrived. Skywalker reunited with Organa and told her that he came to face Snoke II.

Skywalker walked out alone onto the battlefield to face the Restored Empire. Snoke II ordered all available guns to open fire on Skywalker. He allowed his emotions to overcome him as the Restored Empire walkers fired on the Jedi, demanding for heavier firepower, though General Hux eventually called it off. They were stunned, however, to find Skywalker had survived without a scratch. Snoke II went down to face him, ordering his forces to stay behind, buying time for the few surviving Allied fighters to escape. Led by Poe, they followed native vulptices to the back of the base where they were fleeing, but they found themselves trapped from the outside by a mountain of rocks.

Meanwhile, Snoke II and Skywalker ignited their lightsabers. Snoke II took the first strike at Skywalker but missed. He attempted to strike Skywalker a second time, but he was able to dodge his plasma blade and evade Snoke II. Snoke II telling Skywalker that the Alliance was dead and the war had ended, and that when he will the last Jedi. Skywalker responded, however, that the Alliance was reborn, the war was just beginning, and that he would not be the last Jedi. Meanwhile, Chewbacca landed near the rubble of rocks, and Alexander used the Force to lift them away, allowing the Alliance to flee and escape onto the Millennium Falcon. out of rage, Snoke II launched himself towards the Jedi, this time not missing, yet inexplicably Skywalker had lived. Snoke II walked up to him and stuck his lightsaber through his chest, revealing that Skywalker was in fact using the Force to project himself. Skywalker told the young dark side Emperor he would see him again before disappearing.

Snoke II, General Hux, and their snowtroopers marched onto the base only to find it abandoned once more. The few remaining survivors of the Alliance had escaped aboard the Millennium Falcon, saved by the Jedi. Finn comforted an unconscious Rose while Leia and Alexander, the latter holding his broken lightsaber, discussed feeling Luke Skywalker passing away, having become one with the Force after his projection. Alexander worried that they would not be able to restore moral to the Alliance with so few left, however Leia told him that they had everything that they needed in order to do so.

Sidious' Return

Discovering the Final Order

Sometime in 1987 (4 ARA), a broadcast was put out to Earth and the galaxy using the voice of the thought-to-be dead Emperor Sheev Palpatine, the public identity of Darth Sidious, which promised revenge. Emperor Snoke II undertook a mission to Mustafar, where he obtained a Sith wayfinder device that led him to the ancient hidden world of the Sith, Exegol, in the Unknown Regions. There, he found Darth Sidious, who had somehow returned from his apparent death, and discovered that he had amassed followers who had spent years building a fleet, the Sith Eternal fleet. Sidious planned to unleash these forces, which he called the Final Order, on Earth and the free worlds of the galaxy and create a new Sith Empire. He then offered Snoke II the fleet if he killed Emperor Alexander, the last Jedi.

Alliance agents Poe Dameron, Finn, and Chewbacca obtained intelligence from Boolio, an Ovissian middleman for a mole in the Restored Empire, at their mission to the Sinta Glacier Colony. They escaped the Restored Empire and returned to their new base on Earth at Amazon Lily, agreed by Boa Hancock, Emperor Alexander's friend and wife, to let them establish a base on her island and welcomed for meetings at her palace, where they decoded the intel and learned that Palpatine had returned with a massive fleet and was planning to attack the Earth and the free worlds from a planet called Exegol. Alexander recognized the name from the journals of Luke Skywalker, who was searching for the world. Leia sent him, Nami, Nico Robin, Boa Hancok, Wonder Woman, Finn, Poe, C-3PO, and BB-8 on a mission to Pasaana, where she believed that an old ally was located who could point them on a path.

The Restored Empire killed Boolio, and Snoke II presented his head before the Supreme Council on his new Star Destroyer flagship, the Steadfast. One officer expressed his distrust of the Sith Eternal, but Grand Marshal Enric Pryde believed allying with the Sith fleet would be beneficial as it would increase their forces ten thousandfold in preparation towards their ultimate push for galactic conquest. Snoke II silenced the dissenting officer and ordered his councilors to subjugate any worlds that defied them before announcing that he was going hunting for Alexander with the Knights of Darkness.

Hunting the Jedi Emperor

The Allied team arrived on Pasaana amidst the Festival of the Ancestors that occurred once every 42 years, and were found by General Lando Calrissian. He explained that he and Skywalker were tracking down a Jedi hunter named Ochi, and he abandoned his ship in the desert. The team left Calrissian, who said his days of fighting were over, and sped into the desert on commandeered speeders, but Snoke II tracked Alexander there after opening their Force-meeting. The team were pursued by Restored Empire jet troopers, who destroyed their speeders over a sinkhole near Ochi's ship, the Bestoon Legacy, causing the team to sink beneath the sand. There, Alexander used the Force to heal an injured worm and found Ochi's remains with a dagger. With the Millennium Falcon confiscated by the Restored Empire, they instead took the Bestoon Legacy, but Boa Hancock was captured by the Knights of Darkness. Alexander confronted Snoke II in the desert; the two fought over a Restored Empire transport with the Force, and Alexander accidentally destroyed it with Force lightning. He escaped with Robin, Nami, Wonder Woman, Finn, Poe, C-3PO, and BB-8, who believed Boa Hancock was dead, but she was actually on another transport. While on Ochi's ship, BB-8 recharged the droid D-O, which Ochi had mistreated.

C-3PO's programming forbid him from translating the Sith inscription on Ochi's dagger, which revealed the location of another Sith wayfinder device leading to Exegol, so the team traveled to Kijimi, where Poe knew a droidsmith. They were caught by Zorii Bliss and the Spice Runners of Kijimi, which Poe used to be a member of, but Bliss agreed to help them after a brief scuffle with Alexander. The droidsmith Babu Frik bypassed C-3PO's forbidden databank, and they learned that the Emperor possessed a wayfinder device in his throne room on the second Death Star in the Endor system. Meanwhile, the Knights of Darkness tracked down the Allies to Kijimi, and Snoke II with his Star Destroyer and launched a massive manhunt for the Allies in the city. Alexander sensed Boa Hancock through the Force on the Steadfast, so the team decided to mount a rescue.

Using a captain's medallion provided by Bliss, Poe, Alexander, Nami, Robin, Diana and Finn infiltrated the Steadfast. Robin, Nami, Diana, Poe and Finn rescued Boa Hancock while Alexander recovered Ochi's dagger and Boa Hancock's pet, Salome, in Snoke II's quarters, during which time Snoke II initiated a Force-meeting between them. The two briefly dueled, during which time Snoke II told Alexander that Darth Sidious had manipulated hid adoptive mother, Nathalie Duprieu, to kill her in anger. Poe, Finn, Nami, Robin, Diana and Boa Hancock were captured by stormtroopers and brought before General Armitage Hux to be executed, but Hux saved their lives, revealing himself to be the spy. Hux brought them to the Millennium Falcon while Snoke II confronted Alexander in another hangar, where he further revealed to him that he inherited Palpatine's dark power. He also revealed that if he goes to Exegol, even defeated, Sidious will absorb his power and enable him to ascend into godhood, and offered his hand again as he wanted him to join him to overthrow Sidious and take the Throne of the Sith together.Alexander refused again but then escaped aboard the Falcon with Nami, Robin, Diana, Poe, Finn, Boa Hancock, and the droids. Hux attempted to fabricate a story to Pryde, but the Grand Marshal saw through the young general's lies and summarily executed him for treason. Sidious communed with Emperor Snoke II over the Force, threatening to turn his fleet against the Restored Empire if Snoke II betrayed him, but Snoke II responded that he knew where Alexander was going.

Finding the Sith Emperor's wayfinder

Alexander, Finn, Poe Dameron, Boa Hancock, Nami, Robin, Diana, and the droids C-3PO, BB-8, and D-O crash landed on Kef Bir, the ocean moon of Endor. Upon finding the ruins of the Death Star in the moon's seas and using Ochi's dagger to pinpoint the precise location of the Dark Emperor's Sith wayfinder, the Allied members were surrounded by Jannah and her tribe of Orbak riders, but after learning they were with the Alliance, Jannah agreed to aid them in their mission. She warned that they would need to wait until the next day for the tides to calm, and the team went to repair the Falcon, during which time Finn learned that Jannah and her tribe were actually a company of Restored Empire stormtroopers who refused to fire on civilians and promptly deserted like he did.

Alexander impatiently took a skiff and piloted to the Death Star ruins anyway. In a side room located within the Emperor's throne room, Alexander found the Sith wayfinder, but also confronted a vision of his dark side self. In the throne room, Snoke II awaited him; as he stumbled back into the throne room, Snoke II took the wayfinder and destroyed it, leaving Alexander with no other option to Exegol but Snoke II. Enraged, Alexander fought Snoke II in a duel among the Death Star ruins; Robin, Nami, Finn and Jannah tried to intervene, but Alexander pushed them away. Snoke II nearly bested Rey until Alexander Force pushed him away. Alexander stabbed the distraught Snoke II with his lightsaber and realizing he was acting more like Palpatine. Regretting his actions, he then sensed that Jane Porter, Tarzan, Archimedes Q. Porter, Tantor, Terk, Kala, Mowgli and Shanti were in trouble, he took his TIE whisper with his Sith wayfinder and left Kef Bir to Earth as quickly as possible, but arrived too late as Mowgli and Shanti's parents told Alexander they disappeared, and later in the Jungles of Africa, watching in horror the Treehouse burned to ashes.

Finn, Dameron, Boa Hancock, Nami, Robin, Diana, the droids, and Jannah and her tribe returned to the Alliance base on Earth, Amazon Lily, where they learned of Organa's passing away and that Poe was named acting general in her stead. During this time, Darth Sidious contacted Grand Marshal Pryde, who, as a veteran of the Old Empire, joined forces with the former Emperor to collect the Final Order. Sidious sent one of his Star Destroyers to Grand Marshal Pryde and ordered him to have a planet with Allied ties destroyed as a warning and example; Pryde had Kijimi destroyed with the Star Destroyer, revealing to the galaxy that the Star Destroyers of the Sith fleet were capable of destroying planets like the old Death Stars.

General Lando Calrissian traveled to the Alliance base and consoled Dameron, telling the young general that he, Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, and Leia Organa had been able to defeat the Empire years earlier because they had each other. Dameron named Finn general with him, and through D-O, the Alliance gathered enough intel on Exegol to develop a plan of attack while Calrissian and Chewbacca were sent to the Core Worlds on the Falcon to call out for allies. Alexander took a brief detour to the first Jedi Temple on Ahch-To, but was encouraged by the spirit of Luke Skywalker, to confront his fear, that being not his demon, but also himself and his potential for the dark side. After Skywalker lifted his T-65B X-wing, Red Five, from beneath Ahch-To's seas, Alexander departed in it; she plotted his course to Exegol and transmitted it to the Alliance, allowing them to navigate through hyperspace in the Unknown Regions towards Exegol.

Stopping the Final Order

Opening moves

Alexander landed on Exegol and ventured to the Sith Citadel, where the Throne of the Sith was located before a massive amphitheater filled with the Emperor's followers: the cultists of the Sith Eternal. Darth Sidious explained to his would-be-heir that all the Sith spirits lived in him, and demanded that he sacrifice him so that the spirits, his among them, could transfer into him, making him a Sith and fully restoring the Sith Order, but Alexander refused and Sidious ordered one of his Sovereign Protectors to kill Jane Porter so close to him and yelled out saying "Noooo!" in horror. Meanwhile, the Alliance arrived, beginning the battle of Exegol. The Alliance air team targeted a navigation tower containing a signal that the Sith fleet needed to deploy from Exegol, but Grand Marshal Pryde had the source of the navigation signal switched to his ship to guide the Sith fleet out themselves. Finn realized that the communications signal was transferred to the Steadfast; Dameron and the air team covered the ground team as they made landing on the Resurgent Star Destroyer to knock out the tower.

Opening the amphitheater, Sidious showed Alexander the unfolding battle above, and told him that the only way he could save his friends was by killing him and taking command of the fleet. Alexander drew his lightsaber and prepared to strike at his demon, but through the Force, he instead slipped it to Robin, who had arrived with Nami, Boa Hancock and Wonder Woman on Exegol using a Lambda-class T-4a shuttle from the Death Star. Robin used Alexander's lightsaber to defeat the Knights of Darkness with her friends while Alexander used Leia Organa's lightsaber to defeat Sith guards closing around him. The girls and Alexander soon united, raising their lightsabers as they confronted the Emperor. Angry, the Emperor grabbed the five using the Force and inadvertently drew some of Alexander's energy; realizing that he was God in the Force, a fact that Snoke II had realized but hid from the Emperor, the Emperor proceeded to siphon more of the life energy of Alexander including the four women, healing and rejuvenating himself while weakening them. The Emperor was fully healed as his followers chanted on in support, and he took his revenge on the Alliance by tossing Boa Hancock down a away to near-death.

The ground team boarded the hull of the Steadfast with the Orbak Tribe covering the Allied troopers as they exchanged fire with Sith troopers and Sith jet troopers sent from the Star Destroyers of the Sith fleet. Finn and Jannah shut down the beacon by tossing thermal detonators down a reinforced hatch, but the setback was only temporary as Pryde's crew reset the antennae. Realizing that they had to destroy the entire command ship, Finn and Jannah stayed on board the vessel's hull while Rose Tico, Beaumont Kin, Kaydel Ko Connix, and the rest of the ground team retreated. Meanwhile, the Alliance's air team was being cut down by the Sith fleet's TIE/dg starfighters, with Temmin Wexley being among those shot down. Gravely outnumbered, Dameron apologized for leading the Alliance to what seemed to be their doom, but General Calrissian spoke over the comms and informed them that they outnumbered the Final Order: his and Chewbacca's mission to the Core systems was successful, and the combined forces of the universal fleet moved in to reinforce the Alliance.

Final actions

Darth Sidious sat on the throne, from where he unleashed Force lightning into Exegol's atmosphere, electrifying the Allied forces and the fleet and causing their systems to fry and ships to free fall. Alexander, however, reached out to the voices of the past Jedi and Light Champions, who strengthened him. Rising, Alexander grabbed Leia's lightsaber in defiance of the Dark Lord as the Light Champions appeared behind to fight alongside him. Sidious, who gathered all past Evil Champions, pulled out his lightsaber and ignited it before the two sides engage in a fight, the bad side eventually gains the upper hand soon after, but before Sidious could kill Alexander (who was pinned down to the ground), Alexander telekinetically pushes Sidious back and quickly gets up before Palpatine unleashes a barrage of Force lighting at him.; Alexander blocked it with Leia Organa's lightsaber as the Sith Lord mocked him, telling him that him power was no match for the power of the Dark Side and declared to be "All the Villains". Alexander responded by telling him that he is "All the Good Guys", and he used the Force to his lightsaber and ignited it, causing the Emperor's lightning to deflect back and disintegrate him. Darth Sidious was killed, preventing the rebirth of the Sith and sending out an explosion that caused the Sith Citadel to crumble.

With the Emperor's lightning attacks ended thanks to Rey, the Alliance and the fleet pursued their attack, targeting the planet-destroying ventral cannons equipped on each of the Sith Star Destroyers. Meanwhile, Finn and Jannah took control over the turbolaser cannons on the command ship and fired them at the bridge of the Steadfast, killing Pryde and destroying the tower. The Steadfast began to explode and descended towards the ground of Exegol with Finn and Jannah still on board, but they were rescued by Calrissian and Chewbacca onboard the Falcon.

After the death of Palpatine, Alexander hugged Jane's lifeless body and used the Force to healed her wounds and brought her back to life, as he did so with the four women. With the Sith fleet completely destroyed, the Alliance and the fleet fled. Finn identified Red Five and a Lambda-class T4a shuttle in the air and realized that Alexander and his friends were alive. The Falcon regrouped with the rest of the fleet as they jumped ship from Exegol, having won the battle.

The spark is lit

The Alliance and universal fleet returned to the Alliance base on Earth, Amazon Lily, where they celebrated their triumph. During their retreat from Exegol, the Alliance learned that across the galaxy, uprisings were erupting against the Restored Empire, which had begun to collapse without their Sith allies to reinforce them; among these worlds were Bespin, Corellia, Coruscant, Endor, Jakku, Lothal, Naboo, and Thyferra. In doing so, the Alliance achieved their ultimate goal of being the spark to light the fire to burn the Restored Empire down.

Post-World War III Era

Emperor's royal style

The Emperor is referred as "His Imperial Majesty the Emperor of Paradise Island" or simply as "His Imperial Majesty the Emperor" or "His Majesty the Emperor".

The Emperor's full style is: "His Imperial and Most Christian Majesty, By the Will of God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Defender of the Faith, Emperor of Paradise Island, Emperor of Hawaii".