Empire of Amazon Lily
Empire d'Amazon Lily
Flag of Empire of Amazon Lily
Imperial Seal of Empire of Amazon Lily
Flag Imperial Seal
Liberté, Égalité, Justice
Liberty, Equality, Justice
皇帝陛下萬歲! 女帝陛下萬歲!(Huángdì Bìxià Wànsuì! Nǚdì Bìxià Wànsuì!)
皇帝陛下万歳 ! 女帝陛下万歳 ! (Kōtei Heika Banzai ! Jotei Heika Banzai !)
Longue vie à l'Empereur ! Longue vie à l'Impératrice !
Long live the Emperor! Long live the Empress!
Royal anthem
La Marseillaise
Imperial Coat of Arms
Amazon Lily Imperial Coat of Arms.png
Location of Empire of Amazon Lily
Status Universal Empire
and largest city
Amazon Lily City
Official languages Chinese
Official Script Traditional Chinese, Shinjitai, English Alphabet, French Orthography
Ethnic groups Amazonian
—65.2% European
—52.1% North American
—6.1% Asian
—4.1% Indigenous
—3.4% African
Religion Secular State (de jure)
Juche (de facto; political religion)
Christianity (de facto; majority)
Demonym Amazonian
Amazon Lily Subject
Government Unitary One-Party Absolute Diarchy (de jure)
Totalitarian Benevolent Dictatorship (de facto)
• Emperor
Alexander Yamamotoa
• Empress
Boa Hancock
Legislature Senate
• Foundation
May 18, 1983 (0 BRA)
• Estimate
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg 1,652,642,280 (1st)
GDP (PPP) estimate
• Total
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg $85.560 trillion (1st)
• Per capita
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg $65,500 (1st)
GDP (nominal) estimate
• Total
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg $30.450 trillion (1st)
• Per capita
Green Arrow Up Darker.svg 69.950 (1st)
Gini positive decrease 2.5
low · 1st
HDI Green Arrow Up Darker.svg 0.950
very high · 1st
Currency Amazon Lily Dollar (ALD)
• Summer (DST)
Amazon Lily Standart Time (UTC-2)
Date format dd/mm/yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +99
  1. As emperor, Alexander Yamamoto also holds three concurrent positions: Chairman of the Imperial Workers' Party, Chairman of the Central Military Commission and Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, serving as emperor and supreme leader of the Empire of Amazon Lily alongside his wife, Boa Hancock.

Amazon Lily (Traditional Chinese: 亞馬遜百合 Yàmǎxùn Bǎihé; Japanese: アマゾン・リリー Amazon Rirī; French: Amazon Lily) also referred as the Empire of Amazon Lily (Traditional Chinese: 亞馬遜百合帝國 Yàmǎxùn Bǎihé Dìguó; Japanese: アマゾン・リリー帝国 Amazon Rirī Teikoku; French: Empire d'Amazon Lily), is an empire occupying the Amazon Lily's Island of Women since the birth of the Empire in May 18, 1983.

Amazon Lily is a powerful absolute diarchy, where the Emperor and Empress are the supreme sovereigns of the Island and both heads of state and government. Amazon Lily's official languages are Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French and English. The current sovereigns are Emperor Alexander Yamamoto and Empress Boa Hancock, founders and rightful sovereigns of Amazon Lily.

Government and Politics

Emperor Alexander's official portrait picturing a rising sun with "Long live the Emperor!" writing in Japanese.

The Fundamental Laws of the Empire of Amazon Lily officially states the nation as an Unitary One-Party Absolute Diarchy and Totalitarian Benevolent Dictatorship, functions as a highly centralized secular empire and follows the traditional principle of Meritocracy, in which the most strongest and most skilled warrior is allowed to rule the Empire. The Emperor and Empress are regarded as the sole sovereigns of the Empire of Amazon Lily. The Emperor and Empress are the Heads of State, Heads of Government, and supreme leaders of the Empire of Amazon Lily, and have absolute and unlimited executive, legislative and judicial powers in their hands. The Emperor and Empress have completely absolute and unlimited power, and govern the nation together alongside their ministers who are responsable to them. Although it is an absolute diarchy, there is personal liberty, and the Emperor and Empress forbids to their subjects to criticize the government, their Emperor and their Empress (insulting the Emperor and Empress is a serious crime and can result in a ten year prison sentence or even death sentence). There is also an unicameral legislature called the Imperial Senate but has no real legislative power (which is reserve for the Emperor and Empress) and serves only as a traditional advisory council of the Emperor and Empress and listen their speeches. There's also one legal political party called the Imperial Workers' Party of Amazon Lily headed by the Emperor and the Empress as Chairman and Chairwoman, presiding over the Central Committee of the Imperial Workers' Party of Amazon Lily. There's also a living tribe called the Kuja Tribe, an all-female Amazonian private religious tribe, responsable of the safety of the Amazon Lily Subjects, and they have the absolute right of authority over Imperial military, Government and even the Imperial Workers' Party, headed by the Emperor and the Empress respectively.

A prohibition called Slavery Prohibition, is an absolute prohibition in the Amazon Lily, for reasons the Emperor and Empress are strongly and extremely anti-slavery. The Fundamental Laws established the capital punishment for many crimes, like rape, and even coup d'état against the Emperor and Empress' rule. One year later the Emperor and Empress abolish Slavery Prohibition and allow their citizens (especially the Emperor and the Imperial Family) to practice slavery but only through benevolence and respect. But slavery can be used as judicial punishment for criminals, traitors and rebels.

Structure, traditions and society

The Structures and architecture of Amazon Lily resemble to the architecture of ancient China using with snakes as a symbol. The Amazon Lily society follows the principle of liberty, equality and secularism.


The article 2 of the Law of Sovereignty officially states that Empire of Amazon Lily as an egalitarian and secular empire and thus protect and respect the separation of church and state. The article 6 of the Law of Rights and Duties of the Subjects states that the Amazon Lily Subjects shall enjoy the right of absolute freedom of religion and belief and also the right to practice a religion of their choice or not.

The majority of the Amazon Lily Citizens are Christians, composed of Roman Catholics, Protestants and Eastern Orthodoxes. The article 2 of the Law of Religions and Beliefs states that the Empire supports Christianity as the favorable religion of the Amazon Lily Subjects, with Roman Catholic Church, Episcopal Church of Amazon Lily and Amazon Lily Orthodox Church as the Emprie's national churches.

Imperial Symbols

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