The Empire of Imperia (also known as 'the Empire' or just 'Imperia') is a collection of planets and other interstellar objects controlled by the violent Duelliki. It contains over one hundred planets.

Empire of Imperia
Capital City Imperia City
Currency Standard Dime, Imperian Dime
Population 25.4 Billion
Official Language(s) Duelliki (+ 100 others)


The Empire was formed when the population of Imperia began expanding beyond control. To avoid a huge civil war over the limited space and resources between the Duelliki, the leaders were forced to move together to launch colonisation shuttles onto other planets. These initial attempts were successful and within thirty years the Duelliki had a colony on every habitable planet in their solar system.

The next stage of the Empire's development could only be made possible with the establishment of hyperspace technology, which the Duelliki recieved by way of trading from the Palaedonii. This allowed them to reach other solar systems and colonise those.

But this was still not enough - the natural instincts of the Duelliki were warlike, and many of the leaders found this approach to peaceful. So, determined to take its rich resources, the Duelliki invaded Vasia. The invasion was successful and the native population were reduced. However, these actions were condemned by the Concorrl.

Nevertheless, the Empire continued its expansion, both colonising uninhabited planets and invading those had already had strong populations. In response to this, the Concorrl declared war. At first the Duelliki believed that these seemingly peaceful people would pose no threat to them, but the Concorrl have significantly cut down the empire and have released some of the planets they have invaded. Currently the war remains at a stalemate because neither side can advance forward.

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