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Empire of the Sun
Imperial Seal of the Rothmanthar
Seal: Six-winged Bird
Flag of Rothmanthar
Flag: Banner & Ribbons
The Empire The Capital Territory
Official language Rothrauic
Capital Planet Ur
Secondary Capital HMSS Imperium
Emperor Briau Garloor IX
Chief Councillor Tratasgar Acrarlu
 – Total
 – % water

 — ly²
 – Total (50,006 GY)
 – Inhabited Planets

 99 quadrillion
 234,946 planets
Pop. Makeup Rothraum: 43%
Yarraum: 32%
Serfs: 8%
Slaves: 5%
Prisoners: 1%
Mariners: 11%
National Anthem Roth Heva Rothaur Va'al
Listen (mp3)
Currency Arc

The Empire of the Sun, or Rothmanthar in Rauic, is the counterpart of the Empire of the White Ox. In terms of technology and culture, Rothmanthar fares better than the White Ox. The Rothraum were the first, who invented the singularity drive and achieved faster-than-light speed. However, the Yarraum followed just a year later. Although Rothmanthar's dominion is as wide as Yarmanthar's, the Rothaurs of Rothmanthar has far greater support in the Capital compared to the Aishaurs of Yarmanthar throughout the recent galactic years. Insofar, Rothmanthar was elected in favor instead of the White Ox to seat in the Capital the most times in the history of the Two Empires.


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Hundreds of dynasties had reigned over the Empire for the same number of reasons. One of a Rothaur's main concerns is to strengthen his power base over the nobles or risk being threatened and dethroned as soon as he lost sight of his enemies. There is so much power struggle for the Imperium, but a good emperor would garnered decades of truce between the nobles and himself. If an emperor wish to impose a galactic policy, he'll need to suppress or be more potent than the nobles. Few emperors gained total control of the Empire, but also gained the repute of tyrant in the course of maintaining central authority. The emphasis is then to pursue power balance in the circle of the nobles and the emperor.

The current Rothaur Briau Garloor IX, the 112th generation of the Larmethiss Dynasty, with the wise counsels of the Chief Councillor Tratasgar Acrarlu, gained unprecedented peace within the Empire for 60 galactic years, while his father the late Emperor Feffier Tymarr XXIV had failed to procure. The Emperor presently seats in the Capital Planet Ur, the homeworld of all Raum. Rothmanthar had been elected to seat in Ur by the Planet's populace for three terms consecutively, each term is 20 years long.

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Weak central authority. Feudal lords govern the vast expanse of the Empire in the name of the Rothaur nominally.

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Through centuries of galactic rule, the Rothaurs learned that the Underworld is one of the central components of stellar society. However, the Solar Emperors will not abide to see the Empire's economy being overrun by Underworld entities, undermining the Imperium. Hence, the purpose of the Overseers to monitor, and to represent the Emperor in dealings with the underworld factions.

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